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As parents, our primary goal is to make certain our children are safe, but in a fast-paced, technologically driven world that task is becoming more and more challenging. When researching child safety statistics it is easy to see why parents should be concerned, but concern and action are two entirely different paths parents can choose. Whether you are a parent of a special needs’ child, worried your child might get lost at a public event, or simply want a way to locate your loved ones 24/7 then you probably at some point stumbled upon personal safety GPS tracking technology. This type of technology utilizes real time GPS tracking and engineers it in a fashion that allows parents to locate their children. Some of the most popular types of this technology come in the form of a GPS child tracking pendant, shoelace GPS tracker, GPS tracker for kids shoes, or a personal GPS tracker that can be kept in a child’s pocket or backpack. Although some of these GPS child safety products for home or school are super helpful in boosting personal safety some are simply not options. So let’s take a look at some of the popular tracking devices for kids on the market along with some frequently asked questions parents have!

What Is The Best Tracking Device For Children?

GPS devices for kids provide location updates, a panic button feature, and live GPS information to any concerned parents. Whether it is GPS watches for kids or safety wearables, below are some of the top-rated GPS devices for kids according to those who purchased mini GPS trackers on Amazon.

Child Tracking Device Hidden

One of the reasons parents seek a child tracking device capable of being hidden is so that their kid will not suspect they are being monitored, but also a potential kidnapper will be clueless about the 24/7 monitoring. This is the reason safety product google searches include things such as “GPS tracker for kids shoes” and “GPS child tracking pendant“. Although there is some really great hidden GPS tracker for child products on the market the reality is a GPS kid tracker that is so small as to be a pendant will have very little battery life, making it not a very good solution for parents. And the design of a GPS tracker for kids’ shoes is simply not a product that is high in demand, hence the lack of options on the market for such a product. Therefore, parents looking for a GPS tracker for children should seek out personal GPS tracking options.

Best Tracking Device For Kids


  • Real Time Tracking For Any Child 
  • Kids GPS Can Be Kept In Child’s Pocket
  • Frequent Updates (Every 10 Seconds)
  • USB Charging Option
  • Boys & Girls Can Easily Use
  • Sleep Mode
  • Top-Rated Hidden Tracker For Kids
  • Free iOS, Android, Web Browser Viewing

How Can I Track My Son’s Location?

Once a personal GPS tracker is placed in your son or daughter’s pocket or backpack it is very easy to track the child’s location. Parents can simply login to their live GPS tracking account on a computer or via child safety mobile app on their smartphone to instantly locate where the kid is at. Not only is the real time location of the child easily accessible, but also the historical information. This gives parents the ability to know where their son or daughter has been throughout the day. This feature is very popular among parents of teenagers.

Can You Put A GPS Tracker In Your Child?

Many parents worried about kidnapping, wandering, or simply general safety often ask if there is a child tracking chip implant. The truth is there is no technology or products on the market that allow parents to place an implantable microchip with GPS tracking in their child. Therefore, parents seeking a child microchip tracker should look into the other, more real, and viable options to boost safety among children.

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