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Sadly, we have reached a point in time within our society where parents have to feel anxiety and worry even when dropping their kids off at school. News reports constantly high-light gang violence, on-campus troubles and even tragic events involving gun violence such as those that occurred in Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook. There is really no safe haven for children anymore and that is simply the harsh reality of the times. However, technology is providing some small peace-of-mind for parents as GPS trackers for kids are now capable of providing parents with live updates of where their kids are located 24/7.

How To Track Kid Location

The process of monitoring a kid is simple with today’s GPS personal tracking systems. Basically, a small portable GPS roughly about the size of a pack of chewing gum can be placed inside a kid’s backpack or in their pocket. The GPS tracker for child’s backpack then sends out the location of the child every 30 seconds to an off-site sever. This data is instantly uploaded to an online mapping program where parents can view it anytime they want! All a parent needs are internet access to review the personal location data. Therefore, a mobile phone, iPad, laptop or any internet-enabled device could be used to see where a kid is in real time!


Safety Zone Alerts For School

Probably the most popular feature of personal GPS tracking devices for kids is the safety zone security setting that allows a parent to be notified the moment their kid leaves school property and also when their kid is safely back home. This safety zone feature is easily created via the online interface and is programmed to send text and email alerts to parents once the kid enters or exits the safe zone. Multiple people can be be used as emergency contacts as well so caregivers or additional family members can be alerted. Multiple parties can also view the live tracking data if they are provided they user-name and pass-code required to access the secure GPS data.


Best Child GPS Tracking Device 2020

The GPS market offers quite a few options when it comes to a kid tracking solution but overwhelmingly the system that continually receives high accolades among actual users and security experts is the Solo GPS tracker. This small GPS child tracker updates consistently at a refresh rate of every 30 seconds, does not require any contractual service obligations, panic SOS button to send out emergency alerts, and has a very user-friendly interface with built-in live chat option that makes it easy for almost any parent to track their kid without a struggle. Priced at approximately $199, the kid GPS tracker is also very reasonable in terms of cost. Parents worry. It is the nature of being a parent. But having access to the location of a kid does provide considerable stress relief, especially in neighborhoods where criminal activity is commonplace. This is where kid GPS tracking devices can be helpful to parents. Because with kid tracking systems a parent can locate their child any time they want and be comforted knowing they are safe.


How Can I Track My Child’s Location?

All parents worry about their children, but having a child within eyesight certainly helps calm some of those parental jitters. This is because when a mother or father can monitor their children it creates an additional sense of security. This is essentially the concept behind the use of GPS trackers for kids among parents seeking to gain a little more family security. Although the use of live GPS tracking devices among concerned parents is nothing new as it is commonplace for a teenage driving activity to be documented using GPS, the daily walk to and from school is now gone high-tech thanks in part to the same type of personal GPS tracking. Every day parents of elementary, middle school and even high school kids watch their sons or daughters grab their backpack and head out the front door to walk to school. This is quite normal in every single state as most schools are located in the heart of residential areas. But once a kid walks out that front door a parent really has no way of knowing if their child arrived safely upon school grounds. This is because almost all schools only notify parents if their kids did not arrive in class. This is where personal GPS trackers are bringing a little calm to concerned parents.

GPS tracker for kids are engineered specifically to give parents the ability to locate their kids at any given point in time. The process of GPS tracking kids is quite simple and can be completed within seconds with the use of nothing more than a mobile phone with connection to the Internet. How it works is the child keeps possession of the small GPS tracker device by keeping it in a pocket or inside their backpack. This real-time GPS tracker then sends out the exact locational information of the child as fast as every few seconds. GPS tracking data showing the location of the child is ten accessible through a website that features a detailed online satellite mapping program. Therefore, both parents even though they may be in different places (mom at home and dad at work) can view where their child is at whenever they like. All they need is a phone, tablet or computer hooked up to the Internet!


Additional Benefits Of GPS Tracking Kids

Child GPS tracking systems provide parents with real-time data regarding the activity of their kids while en route to school, but the same technology can also notify parents the moment a kid arrives both at school or at home through a feature known as geographical fencing. More commonly referred to as geo-fencing, geographical fencing is the process of setting up a boundary using the online software of a GPS tracker. Although it might sound complex setting up a geo-fence literally only takes a few seconds and it will allow parents to create an area that once a kid enters or exits a notification can be sent using SMS technology. The notification from a GPS tracker can be programmed to alert both parents or additional contacts via email or text message to their mobile phones when a kid gets to school and the moment they get home.

Teenage Driver GPS Tracking Device

Another advantage of using a GPS tracker for kid is that once a child no longer has to walk to school because they have a license that same GPS locator can be used for tracking the vehicle operated by the teen. This is because real-time GPS trackers offer intricate and detailed data not only related to the position but also driving activity. Examples of this GPS tracking data include parents the ability to be notified if a teen is speeding, driving aggressively and if they went to a location that is not allowed by the parent. With teen driving being a hot button topic among many parents, studies show that those who take a proactive approach in monitoring teen driving safety are significantly more likely to reduce the chance of a teenager engaging in bad driving habits. The same type of bad driving habits that can lead to vehicle accidents and worse. GPS personal trackers are one of the technologically inspired ways that parents are increasing safety from the moment a child walks to school to the moment that child becomes a teen and begins driving. However, in the end, it is all about safety and that’s the most important thing for all parents.


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