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Pest Control Businesses Utilize GPS Tracking

Pest control companies exterminate every type of creepy pest in your business or home. These pests include rodents, beetles, termites, ants, roaches, bed bugs, termites, spiders, fleas, and anything else that can be negatively impacting a residential or business setting. These professional exterminators locate the sources of pests and then properly remove the pest utilizing pesticides and organic solutions. Although pest control is a serious issue all across the country, many pest control businesses are turning to a different type of technology to help them improve service operations. The technology is known as GPS tracking and the devices that are powered by the satellite technology are helping pest control businesses improve their service vehicle fleets in a number of different ways.

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GPS Tracking Devices For Pest Control Vehicles

There are a number of advantages pest control companies can access by utilizing GPS vehicle trackers. First of all, by equipping a pest control fleet with GPS tracking managers can determine where every service vehicle in the field is located. This can help the business better route employees to the customer, reducing wait times. Additional benefits include mileage documentation, the ability to quickly recover a work truck if it is stolen, and access to how fast company drivers are speeding to make sure they are operating pest control vehicles safely.

Pest Control Near Me

Whether the business or home pest control issue is related to spiders, ants, or other invaders, finding a quality pest control team is critical. According to online reviews, here are the 7 best pest control companies for anyone seeking reputable “pest control companies near me“.

  1. Dewey Pest Control
  2. Bell Environmental Services
  3. Terminix
  4. Orkin Pest Control
  5. Ecolab Pest Control
  6. McCloud Services
  7. Abell Pest Control

Many of the above-listed pest control companies utilize real-time GPS tracking devices on their service vehicles to monitor employee driving activity and improve customer service.

Best GPS Tracker For Pest Control Trucks

One of the most popular questions pest control businesses ask is what is the best GPS tracker for pest control trucks? Although there are a number of different products on the market designed to assist pest control companies that offer a wide array of features, the top-selling live GPS tracker for pest control trucks is a device known as the Connect GPS. The reason the Connect GPS is so widely used among pest control businesses looking to enhance service truck efficiency is that 1) the device has no monthly service fees, and 2) the tracker provides real-time updates, speed alerts, and detailed driving activity reports. The best part is that this GPS tracker for pest control trucks requires no installation as it pulls power directly from the truck’s OBD2 port.

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