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GPS Tracker In Houston Helps Home Burglary

Houston Criminal Uses GPS System

  GPS monitoring systems are often used by Houston police to help them conduct investigative work in an effort to reduce crime. Live GPS tracking units can easily be placed onto or inside a vehicle by police then remotely monitored. The trackers are actually a valuable tool for police enforcement because they monitor activity 24/7 as well as keep the men in blue out of potentially dangerous situations. Unfortunately, GPS technology may have also helped a burglar in the Houston are determine when his victim would leave to work. Jeremiah Sammons is a Houston area resident who was the unfortunate victim of a home burglary. When the thieves targeted his house they were able to walk away with an estimated $100,000 in personal belongings, according to Sammons. What was perplexing to Sammons and responding police was that it seemed that the home burglars were inside his residence for an extended period of time which is highly unusual behavior for thieves. This is because thieves know they are in a race against time and therefore want to be in and out of a location as soon as possible in order to avoid being caught. This led investigators to hypothesize that the burglars may have been someone close to Sammons or at the least was aware of his schedule. Fast forward a month later and Sammons is at an automobile service center getting his oil changed for his truck. Although getting an oil change is typically uneventful, the auto mechanic provided Sammons with some very startling news about his truck:  it was equipped with a real-time GPS tracking device. Fastened to the bottom of his truck by an exterior magnetic mount, this GPS tracker was providing someone in a remote location live updates on his vehicle activity 24/. That was when it dawned on Sammons that the GPS tracker device was likely placed on his vehicle by the home burglars who were able to steal his belongings without fear he would be home.

Live GPS Trackers

The live GPS tracker equipped on the truck owned by Sammons is believed to have cost in the $300 range and require a monthly service obligation around $40 for the real-time updates on location. It is believed that the GPS tracker was very similar in functionality to that of a device commonly used by police known as SilverCloud GPS. Although the use of live GPS tracking is typically associated with police, the same type of technology can be purchased and used by anyone as no regulations on purchase currently exist. Sammons stated he was very concerned and a little scared that his truck was being monitored via GPS tracking but feels a little assurance that the car tracker was at least discovered. Sammons took the GPS tracker to Houston Police who are investigating the matter.

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