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GPS Tracker Shop Introduces New Mini Personal Tracker

s911 lola

New Personal GPS Tracker Makes Online Debut!

S911 Lola GPS personal monitoring system is the smallest real-time device with two-way voice communication

s911 lola

After over a year of testing various personal tracking solutions designed for both child monitoring and senior safety, GPS Tracker Shop is very proud to announce the debut of the S911 Lola system to the company online store! Engineered by Laipac Tech and now distributed by GPS Tracker Shop to businesses and consumers, the S911 Lola system is a tracker that easily fits in the palm of a person’s hand. However, users will quickly find that size does not matter when it comes to GPS tracking technology as the S911 Lola system is one of the most accurate, detailed and efficient real-time GPS trackers the industry has to offer.

“Finding a personal GPS system that had all of the characteristics and qualities that meet our stringent evaluation standards was a very challenging task, but we our confident that our customers will be as excited over the S911 Lola as we are once they use the tracking device”, explained Ryan Horban, CEO of GPS Tracker Shop. “The S911 Lola is going to help a lot of parents keep their children safe and health-care facilities have better oversight of wandering seniors. This is something very positive and something we are very proud of. The S911 Lola is a product that will save lives and we couldn’t be happier to offer such a product to our customers.” About S911 Lola The S911 Lola has a retail price of $199.00 per unit and does require a monthly service obligation for data. Users have the option of using the S911 Lola purely as a real-time GPS tracker for $29.95 per month, or can have real-time GPS tracking data with two-way voice communication for $34.95 per month. The two-way voice communication option allows users to call the S911 Lola tracker, activating the device into a speaker phone. This allows the parent, business or caregiver to speak directly the the person and is an ideal feature for parents looking to safeguard children or businesses seeking management over line workers such as security guards. The S911 Lola tracker is designed with a panic button option that will immediately call out for assistance while also sending out text and email alerts. The personal GPS tracker also comes with a online-based mapping interface that requires no software, allowing multiple people to access personal tracking data regardless if they are in different cities or states! The LocationNow mapping interface also comes with a number of reporting features that allow the user to use the S911 as a vehicle monitoring solution. S911 Lola, when set at the default refresh rate of 15 minutes, will provide 15 consecutive hours of recording time. UPDATE: Although the S911 Lola GPS has been one of the most successful personal tracking solutions ever offered by GPS Tracker Shop the time has come to usher in the next generation of personal monitoring technology. This is why GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that within the next month it will be adding a more efficient and user-friendly personal GPS tracker to the online store! The SilverCloud Tag live tracker offers all of the same features of the S911 but with a more user-friendly platform along with more sleek design. GPS Tracker Shop will announce more information when it becomes available.

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