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For nearly 5 years and counting GPS Tracker Shop has been the authority on GPS tracking technology solutions for consumers and businesses. Focusing on bringing high-tech monitoring devices to the masses, the online store has helped families enhance safety through teen driving awareness, senior citizen safety tracking and automotive security. And businesses all across the globe have turned to GPS Tracker Shop hardware to increase vehicle management, employee performance and customer service. GPS Tracker Shop is proud to have met and continue to meet the vehicle tracking needs of companies and consumers on a daily basis, but that has not stopped the California company from wanting to offer more in the form of information. This is why GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce the launch of a new blog dedicated to bringing the latest security news! Those visiting the GPS Tracker Shop company website will now see a new category in the navigation called “blog”. When this link is clicked the user will have a new tab open on their computer that will bring them to the official GPS Tracker Shop blog. The security news blog will feature popular stories that relate to GPS tracker devices as well as a number of other categories where the use of monitoring technology can be advantageous. These categories will include things such as teen driving safety, senior safety, technology, business and more. The blog will also provide links to relevant resources such as satellite image programs, products on sale and social media updates from Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. All of which are designed to help people stay connected with experts on GPS tracking technology to get the latest information and news. “Connecting with the customer on a more personal level while generating content that could help anyone get the most accurate and detailed information related to GPS tracking are two of the driving forces behind why we developed the security news blog, and we hope that online readers will get that type of value every time they visit our new blow”, said the President at GPS Tracker Shop. “The world of GPS tracking is constantly evolving and we want people to know that when they visit our blog they will be given the most up-to-date information on locational technologies and which directions the trends are moving.” The official GPS Tracker Shop blog is powered with a Word Press content management system and can be accessed via desktop or mobile device. Anyone wanting more information can visit the new security news blog or contact GPS Tracker Shop directly for more details.

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