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GPS Tracker Shop New Website Mobile Friendly

Online Store Goes Mobile

GPS Tracker Shop has spent the last 10 years finding the best real-time GPS trackers, data loggers and personal monitoring equipment and offering these valuable security solutions to savvy online shoppers across the globe. The response to this day continues to be overwhelming as GPS Tracker Shop now meets the demands of consumers and businesses in both domestic and international markets, while holding its position as one of the leading names when it comes to GPS tracking technology. In an ongoing effort to stay ahead of the curve, GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that it has made significant modifications to the company online store that will now allow anyone with a mobile device to easily locate and purchase the best GPS tracking equipment the industry has to offer!

Mobile Responsiveness

According to statistics published by Pew Research Center, over 90% of Americans now own a cellular phone, and Americans also prefer to use their mobile phones to surf the Internet over desktop computers. Clearly, society is becoming more mobile and therefore the Internet is changing to meet this consumer behavior change. GPS Tracker Shop certainly understands technology products and therefore decided that it was essential to modify the company website so it was 100% mobile responsive. After weeks of digital construction, GPS Tracker Shop has completed improvements making the online GPS store more user-friendly than ever before! “Whenever we make any company decisions we always have the customer in mind first”, stated the President of Marketing for GPS Tracker Shop. “It’s one thing to test GPS car tracking devices, write up detailed descriptions and support the hardware but none of that really means much if that information is not easily attainable and digestible. Online shoppers are now making more purchases using mobile phones than any other time in cellular history and this trend will only continue moving forward. Therefore, we not only decided to create a completely mobile responsive online GPS store but to make it the best in the industry!”

New Website & New Online Sales

To kick of the new mobile design GPS Tracker Shop has launched a number of limited time sales that will extend through the end of May. These online GPS sales include free shipping on all orders over $200, free activation on all live GPS tracking devices and of course 20% off items all throughout the online GPS store.

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