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Those concerned about vehicle fleet security will eventually come across car disabling device technology as a means to boost asset protection. What a GPS tracker and immobilizer provides a business is the ability to track a vehicle using real time GPS tracking, but also the unique ability to activate a kill switch to shut the engine off. This feature is extremely for construction companies that have valuable trucks or other equipment that might be targeted by thieves. So let’s take a closer look at what a GPS tracker with ignition kill switch control tracking device is, and how much the devices cost!

GPS Tracker With Engine Shut Off

Remote vehicle immobilization is a feature that is critical for any business that wants to safeguard motor vehicle assets. In fact, the car disabling device technology is also routinely used by people seeking a way to quickly locate their exotic cars. How the technology works is really simple:

  • Purchase a real time GPS tracker with starter disable 
  • Make sure the GPS company includes the relays with the device for the kill switch feature 
  • Track the vehicle in real time 24/7
  • Disable the starter if the automobile is stolen then call police

Since the remote vehicle immobilization feature of a GPS tracker with starter disable capabilities requires a relay switch, the device must be hard-wired to the automobile it is going to monitor. This means investing in a GPS tracker installer nearby your area of business. A professional installation team will know the best place to mount and hardwire any tracking device with kill switch, safely connecting the device to the 12-volt power system of the vehicle.

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GPS Tracker With Kill Switch Cost

GPS tracker and immobilizer solutions are live GPS trackers and therefore require a monthly subscription plan for data. Businesses can anticipate investing around $149.00-$199.00 for a tracking device that can disable a starter and roughly $9.95-$24.95 a month for the data plan. Data plans will vary depending on the frequency the person/company wants an update on a vehicle’s location. Updates range from as fast as every 3 seconds to about once per minute.

Real time GPS tracking devices with kill switches that can disable a starter are popular among companies seeking the ultimate vehicle fleet security technology, but the simple ability to track a vehicle anytime is also a huge advantage. This is because when an employer has constant access to an automobile they can catch an employee stealing company time, or determine if they are driving at unsafe in an effort to prevent accidents.

How Does A Starter Interrupt Device Work?

Starter Disable GPS Tracking

Car GPS vehicle tracking solutions with a starter interrupter features most be hard-wired to the automobile (portable car trackers do not offer this starter disable feature). Once you have the GPS vehicle tracking device, the next step is contacting a professional installation team that can connect a red wire, black wires, and basically make sure a tracking units’ connected properly. Most vehicle tracker GPS units even come with a backup battery if the car GPS is disconnected.

Auto Finance Companies Asset Tracking

Car dealerships that provide in-house auto finance are one of the primary users of vehicle tracking devices with a starter interrupter feature. The reason? After multiple payment reminder notices are sent out to a buyer and still that buyer fails to make a payment, the automotive dealership can activate the disable feature on the car GPS tracker device. This allows auto finance companies to utilize the car tracker to disable the vehicle then use the address verification data to locate and then repo that vehicle in default.

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