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Families interested in observing teen driving activity, small businesses with company drivers on the road and essentially anyone wanting to track a car are all potential users of GPS vehicle tracking technology. However, many of these users don’t have massive fleet management needs, require precise mileage accounting by state or have the finances to cover the monthly service fees associated with live GPS tracking. So what options do everyday families and small business have? The answer comes in a new form of GPS monitoring technology known as passive tracking (no monthly fee GPS tracking) that allows users to view vehicle activity online without any subscription or service costs.

How Passive GPS Tracking Works

Unlike real-time GPS systems, passive tracking devices record all vehicle driving data and store that information to internal memory. This vehicle data includes position every second, exact addresses a car was parked at, the length of time for each stop and a wealth of other information related to driving activity. However, since passive devices (also known as data loggers) only store information and do not transmit the data, they have no fees associated with them. This is great for small businesses with maybe only one or two vehicles as well as parents simply wanting to make sure their teen is driving properly. Basically, passive technology works in three simple steps:

1. GPS Tracker Is Placed On A Car 2. Tracking Device Records Driving Information 3. GPS System Is Pulled Off Vehicle And Data Is Downloaded

Since data is manually extracted from the device the presence of cellular technology is not necessary, resulting in no data fees. Therefore, the user takes the tracker off the vehicle and downloads recorded driving data to a computer via USB connection. That vehicle tracking information is then uploaded to a online service that formats that data in a user-friendly fashion. This includes mileage reports and with the tracking data superimposed over satellite imaging programs such as Google Maps and Google Earth. The files can then be downloaded and saved to the user’s computer or housed on a cloud storage solution for as little as $5 a month. The benefit of having the data stored on the cloud is that it can then allow people in different areas to view GPS car tracking data from their remote locations. All that would be required is access to the username and pass-code.

Having the ability to monitor a vehicle is critical in determining if safe driving behaviors are being practiced. Teen driving statistics highlight the real dangers associated with inexperience behind the wheel, and businesses need to call upon every management tool available to stay competitive in a more demanding market. GPS tracking technology can help assist with enhancing safety and providing businesses a mechanism of oversight for both employees and vehicle assets. With passive tracking devices the technology is both affordable and easy to use, making it a valuable commodity for anyone wanting to record what a vehicle is doing.

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