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GPS Trackers Assist Lawn Maintenance Businesses

Real Time GPS Trackers Help Lawn Care Businesses

If you live in Southern California, there is a very good chance that you don’t own a lawn mower. The reason is not because most Southern Californians have gone so liberal that they don’t want to offend the rights of the lawn mower, but rather the fact that so many lawn care and maintenance companies operate in the region results in a very competitive and affordable marketplace. Through cost-effective labor, which is one of the positive results of a very high illegal alien population, lawn care and maintenance companies can maintain suburban lawns for as little as $30 a month in some areas. However, from the business side of things, managing multiple crews can be a difficult process. Managing trucks and other vehicles used for lawn care business used to be nearly impossible, but that was all before the creation of the portable GPS tracker.

GPS trackers are a staple among any business with a need for improved vehicle and fleet management. This is why the real-time GPS tracker units are so advantageous among lawn maintenance businesses. In the lawn care industry it is very common for a crew of 2 or 3 men in a small truck to maintain up to 20 lawns a day. If a lawn maintenance company employs 50 people, that would mean they are responsible for knowing where 20-25 trucks are at any given moment. The company would need to know not only where law n care professionals are at, but what residential, commercial and industrial locations they have already been. This is where GPS trackers can help.

When a real-time GPS tracker is equipped to a lawn care vehicle a fleet manager can access the location of that truck or van any time by using their mobile phone or a computer. The historical data is also saved to make certain all clients are having their lawns maintained at the appropriate times. This allows the lawn care manager to make certain jobs are getting done, employees are working quickly and that the company trucks or work vans are safeguarded.

Real-time GPS tracking devices are helpful in a wide variety of business applications especially those where employees operate company vehicles and work outside in the field, making the satellite monitoring technology ideal for lawn care maintenance businesses.

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