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Homebuilders GPS Tracking Devices

One of the largest problems facing home builders these days has been theft. Theft is something that impacts every business, but for home builders trying to recover from the housing bubble, theft can have a dramatic impact on already razor-tight margins. With the housing industry still reeling from the economic disaster that followed the housing bust and financial crisis, home builders are feeling the pinch. With home builders struggling to keep people employed and keep production up, many are now turning toward the use of GPS tracking devices to help protect assets.

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Construction Equipment GPS Systems

GPS tracking construction equipment can help home builders document the driving activity of employees, making certain they are at the job site they are supposed to be at and not using construction trucks for personal use. Although most people are already aware of how GPS vehicle tracker devices can boost fleet management strategies among construction companies, what they are not aware of is how micro GPS tracker devices are helping protect appliances and other expensive equipment home builders install into homes. GPS trackers are now frequently used for applications related to property and asset security and this is the reason so many home builders are using compact, portable monitoring solutions to safeguard expensive items in a house listed on the market.

These expensive appliances can include stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, water heaters, air conditioning units and any number of items that a thief believes could hold some value on the black market. The problem with this type of theft is that it is very difficult for home builders to protect those home assets and even more problematic for law enforcement to track down the thieves because they typically sell the stolen property anonymously on websites such as Craigslist making the thieves nearly impossible to track down. This is why real-time GPS trackers are helpful in catching appliance thieves quickly. Homebuilders who use real-time GPS tracking devices can easily equip one of the trackers on a piece of equipment they think has a high probability of being targeted.

Maybe the house is in a high-risk neighborhood or maybe the air conditioning unit is a model commonly targeted by thieves, whatever the reason may be when that item is attached with a live tracking device the home builder can monitor the asset remotely. What is even better is that the home builder can program the live tracker to notify them the moment the air conditioner, stove, or other appliance is moved, allowing that home builder to quickly alert police about the theft.

Securing assets is important especially when economic conditions are less than favorable and this is the reason why many home builders are turning to real-time GPS tracking technology.

Affordable GPS Tracking Devices For Construction

Most homebuilder businesses in the United States are not giant corporations with human resources, shipping, and marketing departments. They are local mom-and-pop type operations where one or two people are in charge of all work duties. This includes marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, and about a million other things. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. These are the people that routinely put in 60-80 hour work weeks, only to not collect a paycheck many times. For service-based companies looking to improve their operations, GPS tracking devices are one of the resources that can help eliminate wasteful consumption of fuel, poor route selection, and employee misuse of company assets. Unfortunately, real-time GPS trackers require monthly service fees, making the technology too expensive for many companies. For those businesses seeking an affordable GPS tracking solution to their vehicle monitoring needs, the Driving Activity Reporter is providing the answer!

Real Time GPS For Homebuilders

For nearly 10 years, the Driving Activity Reporter has been assisting concerned parents to uncover unknown driving habits of their teen drivers, police departments conduct reliable surveillance operations and businesses determine whether employees were working at a productive level. What made the Driving Activity Reporter so unique and revolutionary when it arrived on the market roughly a decade ago are the same things that continue to make the GPS tracker in high demand today: reliability and affordability.

“It is very rare to see any technological product still be successful a decade after the product made its debut, but the Driving Activity Reporter has been able to stand the test of time because of the device’s simplicity and overall quality”, stated a representative for GPS Tracker Shop. “We continue to see parents worried about teen driving, small businesses and people in relationships concerned cheating call upon the Driving Activity Reporter.”

Durability and accurate locational data are clearly the driving force behind the success of the Driving Activity Reporter, but another reason is one most consumers are very familiar with: price. Driving Activity Reporter is a data logger that costs on average $139.00 per unit and unlike real-time systems does not require the user to sign up for any monthly service obligations or pay activation fees. This is due to the tracker not needing to transmit data because the user will manually access GPS tracking data by downloading the information on the system directly to their personal computer!

People interested in an affordable tracking device for business or any other application should investigate the Driving Activity Reporter and see if it could be the right solution for their monitoring needs.