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Police Bust Armed Robbers With Help From GPS Tracker

Pharmacy robberies are a growing problem nationwide impacting both large metropolitan cities as well as small towns in rural areas. Pharmacies are a critical part of our nation’s healthcare system and have to be open for business at odd hours throughout the night, leaving them susceptible to be targeted by criminals. Making matters worse is the fact most pharmacies don’t have security guards or police on-site protecting them, as only camera surveillance devices are the only hope of scaring off potential robbers. Although in-store security is still one of the most effective ways to discourage potential pharmacy thieves, bait GPS tracker devices are now helping monitor stolen property post-theft through real-time GPS tracking. In fact, this form of satellite surveillance was what led police to the capture of two men in Burton, Michigan who robbed a pharmacy at gunpoint.

The pharmacy robbery occurred at a local Burton Rite Aid pharmacy a little before 10:00 p.m on Thursday, April 11th, and according to police reports, the masked gunmen flashed a silver gun, pointing it toward the pharmacy manager. The ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) who are also involved with the case stated one of the armed suspects demanded that a store manager get money from the store safe and place the cash into a pillowcase. The manager complied with the gunman’s demands, filling the pillowcase with money. However, the quick-thinking manager also placed a small real-time GPS tracker with the stolen cash as well. As soon as the thieves left the scene of the crime the GPS tracker device was activated and began reporting the locations of the suspects in real-time. This positional information would be the key component that led to a quick arrest. Once dispatchers working for Genesse County alerted police about the theft and relayed the real-time GPS tracking data it only took minutes before law enforcement was face-to-face with the criminals.

Following the information provided from the GPS tracking device law enforcement pulled over a Chevy Impala. The two suspects were inside the black vehicle, and inside the car was a gun, over $4,500 in cash and the mask one of the suspects used during the robbery. Of course, the real-time GPS tracker was also recovered. Both men were immediately taken into custody and booked for the robbery of the Burton pharmacy. Sadly, when questioned by authorities why they robbed the Rite Aid one of the men explained it was because he simply struggled to find employment in a tough economy.

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