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GPS Tracker Fargo, ND

GPS Fleet Tracking Would Assist North Dakota City

Many people probably best know of the “City of Parks” for the cities’ depiction in the Hollywood film “Fargo”. Although the Hollywood film portrayed the North Dakota city as a dreary and cold place, the film left out many important facts about Fargo. Facts like that Fargo is the most populated city in North Dakota, and that the city has become has a strong retail, manufacturing and educational foundation. With small-town values and economic strength, the city of Fargo has shown that a city can be successful even when tornadoes and harsh winters are in the annual forecast. However, it is through the utilization of real-time GPS trackers that Fargo will likely continue to grow and prosper.

Timeline & History Of Fargo

  • 1870-1890: Fargo became a popular spot for people traveling along the Red River to stop and gather supplies or rest.
  • The early 1900s: The Pence Automobile Company set up headquarters in Fargo, making the city a hub during the automobile industry boom.
  • 1972: The West Acres Shopping Center was built, making Fargo a hub for retail growth in North Dakota.
  • Recent History: As tax breaks have made North Dakota appear more lucrative to businesses, companies such as Microsoft have moved some operations to Fargo.

Spy Store Near Fargo North Dakota

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