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Largest City In New Hampshire Could Boost Security

Manchester is a city located in New Hampshire that has long and rich roots dating back to the colonial times. Originally the home to Native Americans, Manchester provided many natural resources and some of the best fishing in the region, making it very advantageous to settlers. Once settlers began to take over the Manchester area the region grew into an economic powerhouse, becoming the home to the largest cotton mill in the world at the time. Although the “Queen City” is no longer the cotton producer it once was in the 1800s, Manchester still has a strong central economy. Unfortunately, where the money goes, problems follow, and with Manchester being the largest city in New Hampshire, security is a strong concern for local law enforcement agencies. However, Manchester Police could get a boost in security through the use of GPS trackers.

Manchester: The Place To Be!

New Hampshire may be one of the smaller states in the union, but the state’s largest city was named “Number One Small City of the East” by the editors of Money magazine. This may have something to do with a low crime rate, easy style of living and solid education system. However, low crime and high quality of life are not things that just happen to a city. Manchester Police spend day and night making certain that the streets are safe for Manchester residents, and that the bad guys are behind bars. One of the ways that police in Manchester could improve town security is through the use of GPS tracking devices to monitor criminal activity.