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Provo Is More Than BYU

Let’s be honest, Utah is a state that has a high density of Mormons, and no city best reflects this than the city of Provo…well maybe Salt Lake City. Home to the largest private college ran by the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints (Brigham Young University, BYU, Provo could be described as a college town. However, BYU does not have a reputation of being the type of college where panty raids, toga parties, and other drunken college antics are frequent. Although Provo is a low crime city where most people have a strong religious foundation, the city could enhance its economic development through investment in GPS vehicle tracking technologies.

GPS Trackers Domestic & International Business In Provo

Provo is clearly not New York City or even Salt Lake City for that matter, but the Utah city does have numerous successful businesses with both domestic and international roots. The domestic businesses calling Provo home include DieCuts With a View, Vital Smarts and Heritage Web Solutions, while International companies with headquarters in Provo include Action Target, Novell and Qualtrics. With numerous multi-million dollar and successful companies operating inside Provo, the city in Utah shows that it is more than just the home to the university of BYU. GPS tracking technology is routinely used by businesses seeking to monitor assets, employees or company vehicles, and this is why it is no surprise to see businesses not only in Provo but throughout Utah making the decision to invest in location-based technologies that use satellites to pinpoint assets.

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