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GPS Trackers In Rental Cars

Why Rental Car Companies Use Real-Time GPS Tracking

Managing company assets is something common in almost every industry in business, and the technology used to oversee these assets is real-time GPS tracking. Construction companies keep tabs on heavy machinery, taxi cab operations follow service vehicles in the field, hospitals meticulously monitor ambulances and an assortment of other businesses call upon GPS car trackers to help manage production and maximize efficiency. GPS vehicle tracker technology is commonly seen in the sphere of business, so it should be no surprise to hear that many car rental companies are using GPS monitoring devices to perform fleet management oversight.

What Real-Time GPS Trackers Offer Car Rental Businesses

The very first question some people might be asking is why would a rental car company want to equip their fleet of vehicles with GPS tracking devices? Although the question is relevant to the application of surveillance technology, there is no singular answer, but rather multiple answers why rental car companies would use GPS vehicle trackers. First of all, when a GPS tracker is connected to a rental car the device will consistently monitor driver speed. Through this feature and another alert feature that would allow rental car companies to be notified if a driver is driving over a speed that was pre-set to be dangerous (e.g. 85mph), rental car companies can determine if a renter is a high-risk liability. Many times in the documentation people complete before renting a car their can be clauses that say that the driver will not exceed a unsafe speed limit, and the GPS trackers provide an avenue for the rental car company to observe that vehicle movement.

Another reason why rental companies are using real-time GPS tracking is to ensure renters are not going outside state limits. Many car rental companies make renting parties agree to keep the vehicle being used inside state lines unless otherwise told not to. The real-time GPS can set a virtual boundary around a particular state and then send out an alert if the renter leaves the state.

Rental car companies are like any company in that they seek to manage and protect assets and this is why so many rental car companies are now equipping GPS devices that can send live locational information upon rental cars.

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