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When LeBron James said in his unprecedented “Decision” that he was taking his talents to South Beach, the whole world turned its eyes toward Miami. A city known for being the home to beautiful people, exotic food and a psycho nightlife, Miami is heaven for tourists. Although there is an endless amount of sites of interest, nightclubs, and things to do in Miami, what most locals like to do is spend time on the water. Boating is the passion of most Miami residents, and with boat theft being a concern for any boat owners; many living in Miami have been investing in GPS trackers.

GPS vehicle trackers have helped protect boat owners’ watercraft assets and aid in the quick/safe recovery of stolen vehicles within minutes. This is because there is no better way to safeguard a boat than through the use of a GPS tracker. Miami residents have a taste for the fine things in life, but the city also bears the burden of being home to additional criminal activity. These criminals try and take advantage of the tourists coming to relax on the white sand beaches as well as the affluent. However, through the use of vehicle tracking devices and GPS trackers, boat owners can sleep well, and tourists can enjoy their relax time.

Real-time boat monitoring solutions such as SilverCloud and Spot Hug offer watercraft vessel owners the ability to instantly locate their marine assets 24/7 all through the assistance of the web-based mapping programs. Boat owners using these GPS trackers only need to go online either by smartphone or computer to access the live locational data of their watercraft. But the best part of these boat tracking solutions commonly used in Miami is a feature that provides geographical fencing. This geofencing feature gives boat owners in Miami the ability to set a safe zone and the very second their watercraft leaves that safe zone they can be alerted via email or text message. This gives the boat owner instant warning if their watercraft could be stolen or used without authorization.

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Vehicle management is now a growing concern among Miami residents due to the increasing number of boats and other marine vessels being stolen in the South Beach area, but thankfully GPS tracking devices are providing an additional layer of security for anyone seeking to enhance the protection of their watercraft.

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