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GPS Trackers Offer Graveyard Safety

Police Use GPS To Bust Graveyard Crooks

Allowing Mourners To Grieve

Los Angeles is a city that is full of palm trees, Hollywood celebrities and apparently really creepy thieves. According to a report released from the Los Angeles Police Department, Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier had reported nearly 26 thefts this year, a sharp increase from year’s prior. How the crimes were occurring was when mourners would gather at the cemetery to pay their final respects to loved ones, thieves would break into the mourner’s vehicles and steal the belongings. However, the criminals were eventually brought to justice thanks to the use of a GPS tracker. Cemeteries are a place most people don’t think about security. These sacred fields filled with loved ones who have passed away should be immune to crime, but as one officer investigating the crimes said, “What occurs outside of the cemetery can easily occur inside the cemetery gates”. After numerous people filed reports with police about the thefts, police decided to use a real-time GPS tracker to apprehend the creepy crooks. What they did was place the GPS tracker inside a vehicle with some items that had the appearance of value. When the creepy crooks illegally entered the vehicle and stole the goods, police were able to track their every move and arrest the thieves. When the criminals took the bait they also took along a real-time GPS tracker that was transmitting the position of the stolen goods to nearby police. The law enforcement personnel was then able to go online and locate the stolen goods as well as the criminals who took those goods. This lead to a quick arrest and hopefully put an end to the disgusting behavior of robbing people grieving for loved ones.

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