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GPS Fleet Management Devices Enhance Security

One of the most watched events in all of sports is the Super Bowl. An NFL game that features the AFC and NFC champions playing 60 minutes for football immortality, the Super Bowl is a global entertainment event that is watched by hundreds of millions of viewers. However, the Super Bowl is far from entertaining for the security details hired to protect players, coaches and fans. In fact, the security officials hired to protect NFL superstars have to spend countless hours coordinating efforts with local police to ensure safety. Over the past few Super Bowls, security officials have been investing in real-time tracking devices to keep player buses and police all networked and connected. Since security officials have been utilizing GPS trackers for many years to enhance player safety during big events, should all NFL teams be required to invest in the GPS vehicle tracker technology for safety? Security personnel have long utilized GPS trackers as a way to better improve communication, routing and accountability. The reason why security and safety coordinators turn to real-time tracking units is because the GPS systems provide information regarding driving activity and location live. This can be essential in rerouting, locating personnel or assets and more. “One of the amazing functions of real-time GPS trackers such as the SilverCloud device is the web-based management platform that allows it’s users to access locational data from any location in the world without the presence of software”, explained a GPS Tracker Shop vehicle management specialist. “If a person has the unique user-name and password of the SilverCloud device they can access GPS data from any computer operating system or mobile phone, making it simple to access and review GPS data.” Sadly, we live in a reactive society which means security measures are not taken unless some tragedy or incident occurs first, but clearly the NFL understands the value of GPS trackers and vehicle management or they would not call upon them to track team vehicles during the Super Bowl. With the NFL being a company that generates billions of dollars every single year a person would think that they would take every possible stance to boost travel security even if that included equipping team buses and vehicles with flee tracking devices.

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