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Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car 2023

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  • Be Your Own Private Investigator 
  • Catch A Cheating Partner Without Them Knowing
  • Follow Any Vehicle From Your iPhone + Android 
  • Hide GPS Device Under Vehicle (Undetectable)

SpaceHawk is a car GPS tracker designed to help you get the answers you need. Simply place this vehicle tracking device inside or outside of an automobile and determine every single place that vehicle goes! There is no better way to get the truth! Find out where a cheating partner is really going, or make sure an employee is safely operating your company vehicles. With SpaceHawk, you can let the facts do the talking!


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SpaceHawk will work in Boulder City, Paradise, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Pahrump, and any city in the United States where there is cellular coverage!

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The strength of the United States economy is based on the many small businesses throughout the country that supply goods and services to consumers. These companies aren’t corporate giants with stockholders and shareholders such as Google, Apple, Coke Cola, or ExxonMobil, but rather locally owned and operated businesses that offer heating & air services, organic produce, automotive repairs and so much more. Companies that don’t need a massive fleet management strategy for vehicle monitoring, only a few simple real-time GPS tracking devices capable of offering driving reports and live glimpses of where drivers are located. This is exactly what one business in Henderson, Nevada needed and found through the use of real time GPS trackers.

Most businesses located in Henderson, Nevada operate locally and in the surrounding Las Vegas region. They are small to medium-sized businesses that transport goods, offer services, and do the little things that help the local economy through job creation. That is why it was not a shock when a mattress company headquartered in Henderson contacted GPS Tracker Shop to discuss the option of using GPS tracking devices to oversee the driving activity of employees. The goal of this mattress company was to use GPS to gather information about drivers operating delivery service vehicles. Although the mattress company in Henderson only had three delivery vehicles, none of which traveled outside a 45-mile radius of the Las Vegas area, the manager felt it was important to have a better pulse on the activity of mobile assets.

Hidden GPS Trackers For Cars Henderson Nevada

“Our drivers deliver mattresses to consumers who purchased goods from our store, but even though we don’t have the same fleet concerns as most big companies we still felt GPS tracking could reduce inefficiencies”, explained a representative for the Henderson-based company. “We opted to move forward with SpaceHawk GPS trackers because the devices not only offered us real-time GPS locational data but also provided speed alerts and extended stop alerts. This was important because we certainly do not want our employees driving aggressively or taking too much time on deliveries.”

Bonus Tip: Most spy stores will provide free information on where a GPS tracking device is installed on a vehicle

GPS tracking devices are now so affordable and easy to operate that they can fit into any business’s vehicle management plans. This is because even the smallest of service-based businesses could benefit from mileage accounting, auto-theft security, real-time locational updates and a system that will alert managers if employees are driving company vehicles aggressively.


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