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SpaceHawk is a portable, waterproof vehicle tracking device designed with a magnet mount so you can find out where anyone is going 24/7. Discover if your partner is unfaithful, catch a teenager driving aggressively, or make certain employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing!

GPS TrackingWhen most people think of Southern California cities they think of San Diego, Los Angeles or maybe the wineries based in the Temecula area. They often think of glitz and glamour, and rarely think of the suburbs that make up most of the landscape. One suburban city located in Riverside County that has been generating a buzz has been the city of Murrieta. What makes Murrieta special is, well, really nothing in particular. The city residents often spend most of their time in nearby Temecula, which offers both a large Las Vegas-style casino in Pechanga, and numerous award-winning wineries. Since the city does not have a lot of homegrown industry, many of the residents commute south into San Diego, or north to Los Angeles/Orange counties for work. However, one company that is located in Murrieta and has continued to grow in the recession-era has been GPS Tracker Shop!

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