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Trailer Theft Results In GPS Tracking Rise

According to government agencies that monitor crime statistics, automobile theft has been on a steady downtrend over the past decade. The decrease in car theft can be attributed to a number of different factors such as more informed motorists locking up their vehicles, cars manufactured more securely, and the rise in use of consumer-grade GPS vehicle locators. Although national motor vehicle theft numbers are down, Spartanburg County Sheriff’s officials have been struggling in South Carolina with a rise in trailer theft that has seen approximately 300 trailers reported stolen in the past two years in the small county.

How big has the trailer theft problem gotten to be? The trailer thefts became such an issue that in 2011 Spartanburg County Sheriffs began mapping each individual crime and using decoy or “bait” trailers to try and catch the people committing the crimes. The police have received very few leads and have expressed publicly the difficult time they have had finding and arresting those responsible for the crimes. A law enforcement official in Spartanburg County speaking about the trailer theft epidemic explained that the thieves usually target the inexpensive trailers that are typically found collecting dust in most people’s driveways. He went on to explain that the trailer thieves waste no time in taking the stolen goods and painting them, making it difficult for not only the trailer owner but also law enforcement authorities to recognize the stolen property. The quick turnaround is what makes catching the thieves such a challenge.

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A representative for a local trailer company that has been in business in Spartanburg County for years stated the importance of safeguarding assets. He recommended at the minimum people purchase a trailer lock to prevent any trailer thieves from quickly hooking and hauling off with a person’s trailer. However, for those in a region where trailer theft is quite prevalent, the person at the trailer company said that a real-time GPS tracker is probably the best solution. This is because live GPS tracker devices can alert trailer owners the second their assets are moved or stolen and will provide real-time locational data frequently. This will allow the trailer owner to provide law enforcement in detail the whereabouts of their stolen property.