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Car thieves who target luxury automobiles are well aware that people who invest in high-end vehicles likely take additional precautions into protecting those expensive exotic cars. But with exotic cars having so much value many thieves are determined to take risks and see if they can get a large payday by stealing a Mercedes, Porsche or another top of the line automobile. However, one gang of car thieves in the United Kingdom took their car-stealing racket to a whole new level by calling upon a slew of modern technological gadgets to help them in their crime spree.

Through the use of real time GPS tracker devices and cloned smart keys, the car thieves had the technological side of the crime in place. After that, all that was needed was an inside connection which came pretty easy to find. How the thieves would operate was by finding an inside connection who worked for valet or maybe an airport car parking lot, giving the insider a real-time GPS tracking system that could be attached to a possible target vehicle. The insider would also have access to the key of the vehicle and would be given the tools necessary to clone the smart key. This was made easy by the fact the car thief gang acquired software that helped them duplicate smart keys for exotic cars. With a duplicate key capable of starting the high-end vehicle and real-time locational data thanks in part to GPS tracking, finding and stealing the target vehicle was no problem.

Another technique the car thieves used involved smashing a car window or causing some minor damage to a target vehicle. The person who caused the damage would then recommend a person who could do the repairs for cheap, but that person would also be in on the scheme. With complete access to the exotic car, the repairer could quickly duplicate the smart key and place a GPS tracker on the automobile.

Police were stumped at first on how the operation was being conducted by the car thieves until an undercover agent with a surveillance device was able to determine what was happening and document the “repair” guys strategy. Although the repairers found the surveillance equipment put in place by law enforcement and removed the recording gear, the data was already transmitted and in the hands of police who were able to use the information in a later court case.

Many of the people involved are now facing lengthy prison sentences for their role in the automotive thefts.

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