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GPS Tracking For Garbage Waste Management Vehicles

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Garbage Trucks Go High-Tech With GPS

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  • Live GPS Tracking As Fast As Every 3 Seconds
  • Know Where Every Garbage Truck Is 24/7
  • Get Alerts When Drivers Drive Too Fast


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Garbage Truck GPS

Most people don’t think much about garbage. This is probably because there is absolutely nothing special about empty cereal boxes, bottles, cans, paper, and other waste. Most people do their part by separating recyclable waste from ordinary garbage and then putting the trash in the appropriate colored waste containers for pick up. However, once those trash cans make it to the side curb most people forget about them until the next day when a waste management crew will empty the trash and move it into a landfill with the recyclable items being moved to the appropriate sorting locations. Every single home, apartment, condo, and business has weekly waste management needs, but commanding such an operation takes incredible precision and detail. It is also one of the reasons why so many garbage collection companies are calling upon the most sophisticated real-time GPS tracking hardware to improve fleet management efficiency. Waste collection companies are one of the few businesses that require observation and management of oftentimes hundreds of vehicles. That means they need a solution that allows them to monitor all garbage trucks on a single web-based platform. Not to mention, having the ability to zoom in on individual vehicles and monitor the driving activity of a single driver at any given time. This is what GPS fleet tracking devices can provide, among other features that included:

  • Extended Stop Alerts
  • Driver Speeding Alerts
  • Fuel Consumption Information
  • Vehicle Idling Activity
  • Real-Time GPS Locations

“We were already aware of the many capabilities commercial vehicle GPS tracker devices could provide our fleet tracking management operation in terms of monitoring route selection, collection times, speeds traveled and more, but what really impressed us was how the [GPS tracking] technology allowed us to document exact driving activity in case of an accident”, stated a managing official for a US-based garbage collection business. “In the past, we had scenarios unfold where one of our drivers would become involved in a traffic accident. Thankfully, these accidents were never anything that causes any severe bodily harm or damage, but they did put the company in a place where liability was a concern. With GPS trackers calculating a recording speed, position, and other factors related to driving activity may prior to and during any accidents we were able to better determine both cause and blame. This was critical in helping us defend drivers who were being targeted in lawsuits.”

The high-tech features that GPS tracking devices offer not only to help waste management businesses but all businesses include lifetime access to the historical driving records of every vehicle, real-time status alerts regarding driver speed, duration of time an automobile was left idling, routing utility options, and numerous text activity reports that can be viewed in an HTML or PDF format that systematically breakdown all vehicle activity. Most people take for granted the complexities associated with garbage collection and the magnificently efficient job that garbage companies and employees do removing the everyday waste of families and businesses.

GPS trackers are simply one of the high-tech tools that waste management businesses use to help them deliver the highest and most effective level of service possible so that when you take your trash cans to the side curb you can forget about them until they are emptied the next day!