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It is the worst nightmare of any family. A criminal breaks into your home and holds you and your family at gunpoint while demanding money and at the same time threatening to kill your children. The thought of such a scene is absolutely frightening and unfortunately was what happened to a business owner and his family in Morrisville, North Carolina.

Two black men from Durham, North Carolina decided to be low-life pieces of scum when they broke into the home of a business owner where they held the man and his family at gunpoint. The black criminals fired their guns in the man’s home, threatened to drown a small child, attacked a woman and even shot the man who they were robbing. The man who was shot jumped out of a window from the second story home to escape from the evil pieces of garbage who were looking for nothing more than money. The money they could have had f they actually got jobs and chose not to be dirtbag robbers. Thankfully, police were called and chased the men down and made an arrest and now the black men are facing a lengthy number of charges including conspiracy to commit robbery, firing a gun during a robbery, having a weapon during a robbery and more. Helpfully, these low-life pieces of trash will spend the rest of their pathetic lives behind bars.

GPS Tracker Morrisville North Carolina

GPS Tracking Plays Role In Robbery

The black men involved with the crimes were not acting impulsively when they committed their crimes. In fact, they were staking out their victim through the use of a GPS tracking device that the men hid on the automobile of the victim. With this GPS car tracking device, the men were able to determine where the victim lived. With this info and knowing he sometimes had cash on him due to his occupation, the criminals saw the situation as an opportunity. Now the only opportunity they will have is extra time playing basketball in the prison yard during the holidays. However, the situation has caused some people to question whether or not GPS tracking technology is a good thing because it was indeed a GPS tracker that allowed the criminals to determine covertly where the victim and his family lived with simplicity.

The reality is that there are bad people and the only thing that can stop bad people are good people. A baseball bat can be a toy, but in the hands of a bad person, it can be a weapon. Video cameras can document many amazing and positive things but in the hands of bad guys can be used to exploit people. Technology is not the enemy. The enemy is the enemy. Hopefully, more people can look at this from that perspective and realize the GPS tracker involved in the case was not the bad guy, but rather the two black men who wanted to threaten a child and shoot off guns during a robbery were the bad guys.

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Source: Raleigh News