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GPS Tracker Leads To Heroin Bust

The war on drugs is a fight that is taking place every single day, but that fight isn’t happening only on the border with Mexico. This was validated when hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of heroin was seized by drug enforcement authorities who said the package was making its way from Mexico to the rural city of Reading, Pennsylvania.

The package containing approximately $300,000 worth of heroin was shipped by Jose Guzman-Cabello and his accessory to the crime Jose Fernandez-Avalos. The men stated the package contained chocolate but after an X-Ray machine scanned the parcel it was determined that the men were lying. After some investigative work, it was clear that the contents of the package were not chocolate but rather a large quantity of heroin. The district attorney explained that once it was discovered the package indeed contained illegal narcosis that was most likely to be distributed in Reading that a small GPS tracking device was added to the parcel. The package along with the live GPS monitoring system was then sent back on the original journey. With the real-time tracker reporting detailed locational data of the package, the authorities were able to gather evidence and prepare to make an arrest.

When the package was opened by the suspects the live GPS tracker was activated and authorities made an arrest. Neighbors were shocked to learn that someone in Reading would be selling such powerful drugs in a neighborhood where kids frequently run around outside and play in the streets.

Both of the suspects involved in the heroin trafficking case are illegal aliens from Mexico. They crossed the border illegally and used their drug connections in Mexico to bring heroin into typical suburban neighborhoods in the United States in places such as Reading, Pennsylvania. The two men will now await trial in the USA and if they are convicted by American courts will have to serve their time in American jails before being deported.

Thoughts From The Editor

First of all, good work by both the shipping company and local law enforcement for discovering what was happening and moving forward with a successful investigation. However, situations such as these tell us a couple of things. The first is the power GPS tracking devices can have with any investigative process. The second is what can happen when immigrants come into this country illegally and take advantage of our countries’ very weak laws. This country has become so politically correct and cowardly that illegal immigrants cross the border without fear, sell drugs to our kids and are basically rewarded with a free trip back to their native country worst-case scenario. Until we remove sanctuary cities and document immigrants coming to this country, good law-abiding citizens can expect more drugs and more criminal behavior.

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