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GPS Tracking Laws In Tennessee

GPS Tracking Laws Tennessee – Are GPS Trackers Legal In Tennessee?

Are you thinking of buying a GPS device to track a vehicle in Tennessee? As a parent, business owner, or someone suspicious of a cheating spouse, it’s crucial to know the GPS tracking laws in Tennessee. Let’s explore the Tennessee code and the implications of using a hidden GPS tracker. Why? So you can legally purchase and use a hidden GPS tracker to find out the truth!

Is It Illegal To Put A Hidden GPS Tracker On Someone’s Car In Tennessee?

When it comes to tracking motor vehicles in Tennessee, it’s essential to understand the state’s laws. Buying tracking systems is legal in Tennessee, but the legality of electronic tracking depends on the specific circumstances. Let’s explore different methods of installing, concealing, or placing GPS trackers on cars and their legal implications.

Electronic Tracking Of Motor Vehicles TN 39-13-606

GPS tracking laws in TN are a little confusing so let’s start with a few basics when it comes to placing an electronic tracking device on a car without the consent of the owner of that automobile for the purpose of monitoring has s

  • It is not a violation of Tennessee GPS laws installing, concealing, or placing a vehicle tracker in or on an automobile by law enforcement for the purposes of a criminal investigation. However, as the Supreme Court ruled, Federal statutes require a search warrant.
  • Parents or legal guardians who are the owners (or lease) of the vehicle, can use a GPS device for the purpose of tracking a minor child.
  • If you are using a vehicle tracking system for the purpose of monitoring the location of stolen property/goods, or the potential theft of a personal automobile it is legal to use real time GPS trackers.

[Acts 1997, ch. 339, § 1.]

Penalty For Illegally Tracking A Car In TN

Those in violation of GPS tracking laws in Tennessee can be charged with a Class C misdemeanor.

Learn more about Tennessee Code Title 39 (Criminal Offenses) here:

Tracking A Vehicle Without The Consent Of A Spouse Or Partner

TN law poses challenges when it comes to placing electronic tracking systems on vehicles without the driver’s consent. To avoid criminal offenses, owners can claim they used the tracker for theft recovery. However, if you suspect a cheating partner and want to track their vehicle, there are important considerations. Never install a tracker in a vehicle you don’t own or trespass on private property. For legal tracking, discreetly place a hidden GPS tracker under the car on public property, respecting privacy rights and ensuring a strong defense. Alternatively, hiring a private investigator to install a GPS device is a viable option.

TN law is a little tricky when it comes to placing an electronic tracking system on a vehicle without the consent of the driver. Owners of the vehicle can avoid any potential criminal offenses by stating they used the tracking system for theft-recovery purposes. But what if you believe your partner is cheating and want to find out the truth?

If you are worried about illegally using a vehicle tracker in Franklin TN, Nashville TN, or any other city in Tennesee, it might be best to simply hire a private investigator to install, conceal, or otherwise hide a GPS device on your cheating spouse’s vehicle.

Also, please know that in most states, catching a husband or wife cheating will not help in any child custody situation.

If you live in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chatanooga, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, or any other city in the great state of Tennessee and plan on using a GPS tracking device, it is critical that you consult with a law firm and speak with a licensed attorney so they can offer the most up-to-date information on Tennessee law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the owner of a vehicle have the right to use a GPS device in Tennessee?

Yes, if a person owns or leases a vehicle, they generally have the right to install a GPS tracking device. It’s essential, however, to consider the intent behind placing such a device. The purpose of tracking must not infringe upon another person’s reasonable expectation of privacy. For instance, if the occupant of the vehicle is unaware of the device, you might be breaching privacy laws. Consider consulting with a planning lawyer for legal information specific to your situation.

Are law enforcement officers allowed to use GPS devices for tracking in Tennessee?

Yes, law enforcement officers are permitted to use GPS tracking devices in Tennessee. But they require a warrant for real-time GPS tracking in a criminal investigation, following Supreme Court rulings. Law enforcement should abide by both state (TN law) and federal statutes. Nashville, TN-based law enforcement, for instance, utilizes GPS technology as part of their toolkit.

Can parents use GPS to track their minor child in Tennessee?

Yes, parents or legal guardians can typically use GPS devices to track the location of their minor child, as part of a parenting plan. This practice helps to ensure the child’s safety, especially in cases of parent relocation. However, misuse of this technology can lead to legal complications. Child custody and family law attorneys can provide expert guidance on these legal topics in Tennessee.

Information in this article is not legal advice. If you want the most accurate and relevant information regarding Tennessee law we encourage you to consult with professionally licensed business lawyers, family law attorneys, or whomever the expert is with your application. 

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