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GPS Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Software: Keep Your Fleet On Track

Do you have employees using company vehicles for personal use? Are rising fuel costs having an impact on your company’s bottom line and forcing you to get serious about GPS hardware? Listen. Running a successful business is tough. However, it is even more difficult if your company isn’t using a GPS tracking platform to assist with everything from safety reporting to routing and dispatch. In this article, we will discuss GPS fleet tracking solutions and the different software options available that can help your business. 



  • Real Time GPS Tracker With No Monthly Subscription Fees
  • Secretly Track Any Vehicle And Driver
  • Find Out The Truth And Begin Improving Driving Behaviors 

Plug & Play GPS tracker is the first real time telematics device designed to help small or medium businesses discover the truth. Simply connect this GPS fleet tracking device to the OBDii port on your vehicle to instantly get access to harsh driving data, how fast your car is moving, and the real time vehicle location 24/7. Plug & Play makes it easy to catch moonlighting employees and helps you optimize fleet performance. Never worry about where a vehicle and driver are and what they are doing with this award-winning fleet GPS tracker!

What Is GPS Tracking Software?

GPS tracking software helps you track the location of your fleets, drivers, and assets using satellite technology. This software can be accessed from a mobile phone or any web-enabled device and is commonly used among businesses that want to improve their fleet’s operations. Some popular use cases include: 

  • Monitoring the location of vehicles, like cars, trucks, or boats
  • Managing vehicle fleets, like your company’s delivery trucks
  • Tracking the whereabouts of employees, like sales representatives or field workers

The software will show the location of your assets on a map and will provide real-time updates everywhere they go. GPS fleet tracking software also gives you access to historical driving activity so you can see and review employee activity. The technology is credited with helping businesses improve productivity by optimizing routes and schedules for their vehicles and employees, as well as customer service by providing real-time location information. And, of course, helping businesses save money by reducing fuel consumption, minimizing vehicle wear and tear, and preventing unauthorized use of fleet vehicles.

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5 GPS Tracking Software Solutions – Top Brands For 2023

If you want to improve business customer relations, reduce fuel consumption, and oversee all your employees over a single fleet management platform, here are 5 of the most popular telematics providers and their solutions. Let’s dig in! 

Verizon – Most Recognizable Brand Name 

Does Verizon offer GPS tracking? Yes! In fact, Verizon Connect is a software company that offers GPS tracking and fleet management solutions for businesses. Their software provides real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles, equipment, and employees, giving businesses valuable insights into the performance and efficiency of their operations. Verizon is by far the most recognizable brand name compared to other telematics solutions, but there are some negative YouTube reviews on their Connect GPS tracking system that you should probably research before buying. Especially, if your business needs vehicle tracking devices for ELD mandate.  


  • Vehicle Telematics 
  • Route Optimization 
  • Compliance Reporting 
  • GPS Asset Tracking 
  • GPS Coach Drivers Record Vehicle Idle Time 


LandAirSea Systems – Chicago-Based GPS Manufacturer

One of the only family-owned GPS tracking businesses, LandAirSea Systems has been engineering GPS tracking devices since 1999. With over 18,000 online reviews as of January 19th, 2023, the company has one of the top-selling fleet safety products on Amazon with verified reviews in the LandAirSea GPS 54. The Chicago-based manufacturer has one of the most intuitive fleet tracking platforms, reliable tracking hardware, and the best mobile app to track vehicle activity.


  • User-Friendly Mobile App – SilverCloud
  • Personal GPS Tracking Devices
  • Private, Fully Encrypted GPS Server
  • Android & iOS Supported Devices 
  • USA-Based Technical Support 


Samsara – Connected Operations Award- Winner

Samsara is a technology company that provides IoT solutions for fleet management. Their GPS tracking software allows your business to track and monitor vehicles, assets, and employees in real-time. In fact, the company utilizes both dash cams and magnetic GPS trackers you can use to secretly track any vehicle. Samsara’s GPS tracking software integrates with other IoT sensors and devices to provide a comprehensive view of the entire operation, from vehicles and equipment to the environment and employee behavior. Samsara GPS solutions can help your business can optimize fleet performance and streamline operations


  • View Inside & Outside Of Your Vehicles 
  • Fleet Optimization 
  • Routing And Dispatch 
  • Electronic Logs
  • Record Driver Behavior 


CalAmp – Internet Of Things Software Applications

CalAmp is a publicly traded tech company that makes wireless communication products for a variety of industries. They make devices, software, and analytics that help customers keep track of and manage their assets. And what are some of their most successful products? GPS fleet tracking solutions. In fact, CalAmp is one of the most successful US-based GPS tracking hardware manufacturers. This is the reason many resellers white-label their telematics hardware because it is so reliable. If you purchase an asset tracking solution for business 


  • Manage All Company Vehicle Regardless of Fleet Size
  • Reduce Costs From Poor Vehicle Management 
  • White Label Solution For GPS Tracking Businesses 
  • One Of The Top Telematics Providers 
  • Mobile GPS Alerts (Speed & Geofence)


Coban – Chinese GPS Manufacturer 

Coban is a Chinese company that specializes in manufacturing and selling GPS tracking devices and fleet management software. They offer a variety of GPS tracking products for vehicles, pets, and personal use. In fact, many of the personal and vehicle tracking devices found on Amazon are Coban products white-labeled under a different brand name! This is because their GPS devices are very cheap. Coban is a very well-known brand in the GPS tracking industry in China and has been manufacturing personal GPS trackers for years. 


  • More Tracking Solutions Sold Than Any Other Manufacturer 
  • Affordable GPS Hardware Pricing
  • Start Tracking Cheating Spouse For Less Than $100
  • Popular White Label GPS Tracker
  • Track Vehicle Movements From Mobile Phone 


10 Game-Changing Features Of Fleet GPS Tracking Software You Need To Know

Having the ability to track all the business vehicles in your fleet on a single online tracking platform is a great way to always know what your employees are doing. But did you know GPS fleet tracking software can help you with everything from recording vehicle maintenance records to improving the driver safety of your team? That’s right! Here are 10 game-changing features fleet management software can provide your business:

    1. 24/7 access to the real-time location of vehicles in your fleet
    2. Route optimization and planning to cut fuel costs
    3. The ability to shape safe driving behaviors of employees before an accident 
    4. Electronic logs for ELD compliance 
    5. Fuel consumption reduction 
    6. Maintenance and repair tracking
    7. Real time alerts for events such as speeding, vehicle idling, and geofencing violations
    8. Reporting and analytics capabilities
    9. User-friendly mobile tracking apps for simple remote access to GPS fleet data
    10. Integration with other systems such as dispatch and invoicing software

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Does GPS Tracking Software Do?

GPS vehicle tracking software obtains data from a GPS-enabled system and transforms the information in a clean and organized format that allows your businesses to monitor and evaluate both personal and mobile assets. 

What Is A White Label GPS Tracker?

White-label GPS tracking devices or software are systems that are rebranded and sold by a different company. The GPS manufacturer software developer creates a generic version of the product, which can be customized and sold under the brand name of a reseller or distributor. This allows the reseller to offer the product as their own, without having to invest in the development and manufacturing of the device or software themselves. 

How Much Does GPS Tracking Software Cost?

So you want to track your fleet and want the lowdown on GPS tracking software costs. Great! Fleet tracking systems can range in price from $18.88 for the cheapest portable GPS tracker on Amazon to $399.00 for dash cam video telematics that can provide everything from AI driver coaching to ELD electronic logs. 

Can GPS Hosted Software Be Hacked?

Unfortunately, yes. Like any software that is connected to the internet, it is vulnerable to various types of cyber attacks. GPS-hosted software can be hacked but GPS companies work hard to prevent this by using encryption, firewalls, and other security measures to keep your personal data secure. 

The reality is hackers have no real incentive to target tracking systems and their software because they lack any real valuable information. The most common security issue fleet customers experience is unauthorized access to personal GPS data which usually occurs from a user being careless with their password or failing to log out of their personal tracking account. 

Final Word

There are a number of awesome fleet tracking solutions that can manage vehicle health and meet IFTA reporting requirements. The security experts at GPS Tracker Shop recommend you do your own research on the products and telematics providers mentioned in this article so you can start tracking your vehicles and increase fleet efficiency. You can also check out how we test and evaluate products by going to our methodology page