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What Is GPS Tracking Software?

GPS tracking system, whether they operate in real-time or simply log and store data to internal memory, all require the use of some form of software. What the GPS tracking software does is it transforms mathematical data into something tangible, allowing users to view and evaluate driving activity and information. However, people investing in GPS car tracker should be aware that not all software is the same because open source GPS tracking software can have many bugs, making it important to invest in reputable hardware and software.

GPS Tracking Software For Data Loggers

GPS data loggers (trackers with no monthly fees) acquire satellite signals and use the GPS waves to determine the position and other location-based information. The data is stored upon the device’s internal memory and can be accessed when the user removes the device from the target vehicle and connects the unit to a PC via USB port. The GPS tracking software then takes the recorded information and superimposes it over a geographical satellite image program, or organizes the data to be viewed in a text report. GPS tracking software for passive systems can come in the form of online software or start-up disc.

GPS Software For Live GPS Trackers

Real-time tracking devices do not require the user to remove the device from the target vehicle, allowing them to instead access the location-based information live via the Internet. How this works is the GPS tracker receives and records all the satellite information the same way the passive systems do, but instead of storing that info to internal memory the device transmits the data through the use of a cellular data module. As the information is passed over a wireless network and obtained by a server it then becomes accessible via the Internet for the user. The whole transmission process takes only seconds! The software is then used to superimpose data over a satellite image program or text report, but since it is not completely web-based like some other tracking solutions, the maps refresh more quickly and the data posts faster!

Having reliable and efficient supporting software is critical to ensuring quality.

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What Does GPS Tracking Software Do?

GPS vehicle tracking software obtains data from a GPS-enabled system and transforms the information in a clean and organized format, allowing businesses and consumers the ability to monitor and evaluate both personal and mobile assets. GPS vehicle tracking software allows users the ability to access position, direction, time en route, time departed, speed and more of the GPS-enabled device. Without the highly sophisticated and user-friendly software, the tracker is powerless.

How Much Does GPS Tracking Software Cost?

Every monitoring device offered through the GPS Tracker Shop comes with FREE GPS TRACKING SOFTWARE! The software can be downloaded on as many computers as the user would like.

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Are Software-Based Devices More Secure Than Web-Based?

Software-based real-time GPS trackers tend to be much more secure than those that are completely web-based. With all of the stories about people and companies stealing personal data transmitted online, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that all of your personal information was protected and kept private?

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