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GPS Trackers Encourage Violation Of Privacy Rights

GPS trackers have exploded in popularity in both the consumer and business worlds. Over-bearing bosses looking to nit-pick and micromanage are now using GPS vehicle trackers to watch every little move an employee makes, and parents are taking spying to the next level by using the GPS vehicle tracking equipment to intrude in their teen’s lives. Clearly, technology has moved us into a “Big Brother” world where our actions are constantly being monitored, but do GPS trackers encourage the violation of privacy and threaten personal safety?

Many tech-savvy parents believe that by placing a real-time GPS tracker on their teen’s automobile that they will be able to spot any dangerous driving habits such as excessive speeding. Although tracking devices do provide parents information regarding speeds the teen was driving, the units also provide a wealth of other information such as locations arrived and departed. Nobody wants somebody hovering and watching their every move as if they were some sort of criminal, and teens in particular take their privacy very seriously. More than likely, parents who place a GPS tracker on a teen’s vehicle will meet hostility and anger over the practice. Especially, if they do so without speaking to the teen driver beforehand.

“Parents want to take every step in order to keep their teenage son or daughter safe, and that makes perfect, responsible sense”, explained a consumer vehicle management specialist for GPS Tracker Shop. “The use of GPS tracking devices can help parents recognize potential poor driving behaviors before they become a long-lasting problem, but by being secretive with the use of GPS monitoring devices, parents risk long-term damage to parental-teen trust”.

So what is the best way for a parent or business to address the concerns of workplace or teen safety without going too far? The answer is honesty. When a teenager randomly discovers they are being tracked by their parents the first feeling they will have is that of distrust. This same feeling is also felt by the employee. However, these negative feelings can be avoided completely with a simple discussion. Employers should explain to employees the moment they get hired on that GPS vehicle locators are used to monitor mileage, protect company vehicles and most importantly enhance automotive safety. By being upfront the employee can see the benefits of the technology and not automatically by default think the employer is singling them out. Parents can also tell their teen drivers about the car tracking devices, explaining that with the use of GPS devices the parents can make sure the teen is not speeding and most importantly they are able to get a discount on the auto insurance.

Technology is now a part of our daily lives and therefore people are becoming more desensitized to surveillance items such as cameras and GPS trackers, but in order ot have the most success employers, parents or anyone using GPS tracking technology should try to be as up front and honest as possible.

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