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When most people think of GPS technology they think of navigational devices used to provide turn-by-turn directions, but when they think of GPS tracking technology they usually think of business fleet management. Although it is factual that businesses use GPS trackers to maximize production and efficiency, consumer use of GPS tracking technology is the demographic that  has been on the rise. Although applications such as teen driving management have pushed many parents into investment in GPS trackers, child tracking is the form of family security that has become increasingly mainstream. Whether it is a parent worried about their child getting lost at the mall, at a friend’s house or some other location, GPS tracking watches for children are providing anxiety relief for parents.

When a concerned parent makes the decision to more closely monitor their child they will often call upon child safety GPS tracker smart watches. What makes child GPS tracker watches popular among parents is that they are lightweight and function as real-time GPS trackers. Therefore, the child is not bothered by the colorful watch, and the parents can identify the position of the child at any given time. The child GPS tracker watches, which update position every 30 minutes or one mile of movement, even come with a feature that gives parents the ability to set a virtual boundary over a satellite mapping program. When this boundary is breached by the child, instantly a notification is sent to the parent through email or text message. This particular feature is especially advantageous for parents with adventurous wandering children, or those kids with mental disadvantages such as Autism.

“Child GPS tracker watches designed for infants or toddlers (or older kids) give parents the ability to instantly locate where the child is located. In case of an emergency or if a family is visiting an unfamiliar area, child safety GPS tracker smart watches can provide potentially life-saving data”, explained a security expert.

GPS Tracking Watch Offers Child Safety

Concerned parents are constantly seeking out the latest technological innovations to help improve safety and security. These innovations include parental controls over online activity, computer surveillance to oversee social networking activity and now GPS watches for kids.

Even the best parents on the planet have had a brief moment where they took their eyes of their child only to have that child bolt off or disappear. The nature of children is to be curious and experience new things, behaviors that can promote a tendency to wander or run off in a dash. Although most of these short disappearances are usually harmless little occurrences sometimes they can result in real missing persons cases. Serious situations that result in police reports for roughly 800,000 people under the age of 18 every single year!

How LEO Watch Trackers Are Providing Real-Time Help

Designed specifically to give parents an avenue to prevent their most precious assets from going missing, the LEO watch tracker offers a variety of features to keep parents in the know. The child GPS tracking device provides parents with the latest in personal security by allowing the concerned parent to access where a child is using real-time GPS tracking technology. However, the stylish watches that come in multiple colors also are designed with a 911 panic button that when pushed will instantly alert authorities, live GPS locator, cell phone with two-way voice communication and of course is a working time keeper! Parents can also choose to have the GPS watch strap locked for increased protection. This is done using state-of-the-art titanium straps that can only be broken using heavy duty bolt cutting equipment. The GPS tracker watch will also will send out an alert if a person or the child wearing the real-time tracking watch tries to tamper with the tracking device. People looking to invest in the Leo watch tracker will have to wait patiently for the product release, as it is not expected to make its market debut until the beginning of the second quarter in 2013. Currently, famous child protection advocates such as Marc Klass, founding member of the Polly Klass Foundation, have been offering their endorsement of the personal tracking device because of the potential good the product will offer once it is available for purchase among parents.

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