Vehicle GPS Location Tracker

GPS vehicle locator technology refers to the combination of a GPS-enabled device on a vehicle or fleet of automobiles that communicate with the GPS satellites orbiting the Earth, and the use of satellite tracking software to gain remote or later access to driving activity and vehicle location(s). This modern form of vehicle tracking allows businesses, consumers and government agencies to collect data from automobiles or equipment operating in the field that can be evaluated for productivity, safety, accountability and more. This information is viewed over a digital street mapping program, text report program or superimposed over a geographical satellite program such as Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth. This information includes:

  • Time a driver departed from a particular area/region/address.
  • Time a driver arrived from a particular area/region/address.
  • -Vehicle speeds an employee, teen or another person was driving at.
  • Duration of time en route.
  • Stops a driver made.
  • The maximum speed a driver reached.
  • Exact mileage is driven to the hundredth of a mile.
  • An assortment of vehicle data such as idling time, when maintenance was last performed if the automobile has its lights on and more.

GPS Vehicle Locator Reviews

Over the past 10 years, there has been a boom in both the GPS navigation and GPS car tracking industries. Today, it is common to see vehicles equipped with navigational devices that offer turn-by-turn directions, but it has been even more common to see businesses grow and reach the pinnacle of their industry due to the help of vehicle tracking devices. Having the ability to access the complete driving activity of employees working in the field gives any business a competitive edge. Businesses can eliminate unnecessary fuel consumption, employee-side work and unauthorized company automobile use all while improving route/vehicle management, employee productivity, safety, and customer service. Here is a shortlist of some GPS vehicle locator users.

GPS vehicle tracker

GPS Vehicle Locator Users

  • Cities looking to improve urban public transportation.
  • Businesses in the need of a tool to reduce excessive idling and fuel consumption.
  • Parents concerned about the driving safety of their newly licensed teen drivers.
  • City snowplows looking to make certain every road has been cleared.
  • Companies wanting to eliminate employee moonlighting.
  • Law enforcement agencies looking to conduct surveillance operations.
  • Anybody with a need to document mileage.
  • Anyone with a need to monitor driving activity.

GPS Vehicle Locator App

GPS vehicle tracking system devices that provide real time data are now engineered with online software that allows a person to instantly access where an automobile, asset, or person is located at any time. The best part is that accessing the live GPS tracker data is as simple as pulling out the mobile phone from your pocket and turning on a GPS vehicle locator app. What these GPS vehicle locator apps do is provide both real time updates on driving activity, as well as the historical driving records of what a driver was doing.

Businesses, consumers and government agencies no longer need to imagine having the ability to access the location of a person, asset or automobile with the help of vehicle tracking technology.

GPS monitoring technology brings the world to your fingertips!