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Tow truck businesses throughout the country have been using real time GPS trackers to monitor company vehicles and most importantly protect those tow trucks from theft. The location-based technology allows tow truck companies to see how fast drivers are operating two trucks, provide real-time updates on where vehicles are moving and a wealth of other data that can assist tow truck businesses with fleet management. One tow truck operation in Hackensack, New Jersey learned firsthand the benefits of auto tracking when a flatbed tow truck they owned was stolen, taken for a joyride through Manhattan and eventually recovered by police enforcement.

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Employees for Bergen Brookside Auto Body & Towing, a vehicle towing company based in Hackensack, New Jersey, were shocked when they noticed one of the flatbed trucks in their fleet was missing. Their worst fears were confirmed when the employees pulled up the data from a GPS auto tracker that was equipped to the flatbed truck and it showed the truck was cruising around multiple locations (including Manhattan!) since midnight. With the information from the tracking unit, employees for the tow truck company were able to provide Hackensack police with live updates on the stolen vehicle. Police then began a chase wit the stolen vehicle tat lasted approximately 50 miles. The chase ended when the stolen truck made an illegal U-turn and then intentionally crashed the tow truck into multiple New York Police squad cars.

The officers involved in the accident arrested Paul Gudanowski and were later taken to a nearby hospital where they were treated for minor injuries. Gudanowski now faces numerous charges that range from aggravated assault to vehicle theft. Gudanowski also has a long record of previous offenses that include burglary, trespassing, DUI and more.

According to authorities involved with the chase, the pursuit lasted roughly 45 minutes and 35 miles. Although police did not provide many details pertaining to the chase since the investigation is still pending, it was clear that the GPS auto tracking device installed on the stolen tow truck was instrumental in helping police quickly locate the vehicle and make an arrest.

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