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Grand Rapids Police Bust Home Burglar With GPS Tracker Device

Police Use GPS Tracker To Solve Home Burglaries

Burglary and theft have been rising issues in many parts of the United States where the recession has hit hardest. This has left many local law enforcement agencies scrambling to find both an effective and affordable solution to bring thieves to justice. One solution that police in Grand Rapids, Michigan found that worked for them was a GPS tracker and what this vehicle monitoring tool was able to do was provide the evidence needed that resulted in two home burglary suspects being placed behind bars.

The Crime & Investigation

After receiving some tips from the public, law enforcement agents were able to identify a man by the name of Marwan Hassan Tawachi as the prime suspect involved in multiple home break-ins and burglaries throughout the counties of Ionia and Kent. With this information and establishment of probable cause the police moved forward with the acquisition of a warrant that would allow them to equip Tawachi’s automobile with a GPS tracker device. The tracking system would record every location Tawachi went while time stamping that information. After reviewing locational information from the GPS tracker that was attached to the target automobile, the GPS tracking data in fact showed with concrete detail that Tawachi was at a home where a home break-in burglary took place that resulted in the theft of jewelry. Therefore, Kent County Sheriffs moved in to arrest Tawachi and his passenger who were driving, only to have to chase down the other suspect later identified as Patrick Keeshan. Once in law enforcement custody, Tawachi confessed to his role in a number of different home burglaries in the region. Law enforcement agents stated that the data from the GPS tracker device was critical in leading authorities to a a swift arrest that resulted in Tawachi receiving a 1.5-15 year sentence in jail. Kent County Circuit Court records also show that Tawachi’s accomplice in the burglaries was sentenced by a judge to 3.5-15 years in jail.

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