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How Can I Track A Car Without Them Knowing? Whether you are in charge of monitoring an entire fleet of vehicles, or simply in need of a way to ensure safe driving habits, GPS hidden GPS tracking devices can provide the solution. GPS auto tracking allows parents to uncover the secret habits of their teen drivers, police conduct surveillance operations without going over budget, and business owners reduce internal wasteful spending, boost efficiency and maximize profit. When it comes to tracking a car without them knowing there really is no better solution than a hidden GPS tracker. Now, let’s take a moment to go over what exactly is a hidden GPS tracking device, what information the systems provide, and why they are the ultimate vehicle surveillance tools.

Data Provided From Hidden GPS Tracking Devices

Hidden GPS trackers for cars can offer government agencies, businesses, and consumers various critical reports that include arrival addresses, addresses departed, time(s) en route, speed-driven, mileage driven, stop duration and assortment of other GPS vehicle tracking data. The operator can access data about routes driven, speeds driven and more through these sophisticated reporting features when the motion sensors are activated through vehicle movement.
  • Mileage documentation gives businesses and consumers an easy way to organize and keep detailed records of tax-deductible mileage.
  • Speed alerts send email or text message notification of aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding. Speeding can increase company car insurance rates and is one of the main factors in auto accidents among teen drivers.
  • Complete vehicle operation driving activity reporting allows business owners and consumers to receive profiles and patterns of drivers, allowing users to measure performance and build incentives for safe driving and proper route management.
With full integration of Google Earth’s satellite image program, GPS auto tracking system users can get a consistent and visually pleasing view of driving activity. Passive GPS auto tracking devices allow driving information to be viewed second-by-second once the vehicle returns from its travels, and live GPS tracking units can be viewed live over a web-based interface or software application.

Real-Time GPS

As the car tracking industry has become more competitive and advanced, the technology has become affordable and accessible to everyone and anyone with a GPS tracking need. Now, businesses large and small with a need to protect and optimize their operations have turned to hidden GPS tracker technology to cut waste and improve the bottom line. However, the monitoring technology has expanded from fleet management operations and has become beneficial to delivery and service companies with mobile assets, ambulances and other first responders and families looking to improve family security through teen tracking or elderly tracking.

How A Hidden GPS Tracker Works

There are multiple components that need to be in place for a hidden GPS tracking system to be able to perform. First of all, any GPS unit requires the assistance of the network of Department of Defense satellites orbiting the Earth to calculate the position and other location-based data. Passive data loggers receive these GPS signals and log the corresponding location-based data to the tracker’s internal memory for download at a later time. Real-time GPS trackers receive satellite signals to triangulate position and other location-based data and then transmit the recorded information over a cellular network where the recorded information can be viewed live over the Internet. Using a GPS auto tracking device only requires the device, accompanied software, and the Internet, assuming the GPS tracker is a real-time unit. All software was designed with the user in mind, with a heavy emphasis placed on simplicity. The next step is simply placing the hidden GPS tracking device on the target vehicle. Locations typically used for hidden GPS trackers include:
  • Underneath the car
  • Inside the vehicle glovebox
  • Underneath a seat 
  • Inside a speaker compartment 
For more information on the best locations to hide a car GPS tracker please click here 

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GPS Tracking Systems For Family & Business

The first thing we need to determine is whether your application requires a real-time GPS auto tracking device or if a data logger (GPS with no monthly fee) will fulfill your needs. With an impressive variety of hidden GPS tracker devices with unique features available, the best strategy is to contact one of the vehicle tracking experts at GPS Tracker Shop to help guide you to the tracking system designed specifically for your needs. Companies can no longer stand by and wait for the economic climate to shift and improve business conditions. Instead, companies must be proactive by utilizing every tool available to eliminate unnecessary spending and maximize productivity. With a variety of companies looking to create more efficient vehicle management strategies, hidden GPS tracking for cars has proven to be the ultimate business monitoring solution. Whether it is a real time GPS tracker or car tracking device with no monthly fee, vehicle monitoring systems are providing one of the best ways for businesses to save money.

What Is The Benefit Of GPS Tracking?

  • Is there a way to observe the performance of my employees who focus on deliveries when they are working outside of the office?
  • Could my business operation benefit from the utilization of an asset theft-recovery device that GPS tracking for cars can offer?
  • Are my drivers taking the company cars or trucks out for personal use without authorization?
  • Could my drivers be leaving company vehicles in an idling mode for extended periods of time in between and during stops?
  • Could my drivers be a liability because of aggressive driving behaviors or tendencies to speed?
  • Would I be able to increase customer service, routing and dispatching efficiency through sophisticated route-mapping programs?
  • Are my drivers arriving at job sites late, leaving job sites early or taking extended breaks or stops?
  • Could I increase the performance and productivity of my drivers through motivation, positive reinforcement/reward and bonuses based upon the data reported from a GPS tracking system?
  • Could I reduce fuel consumption and additional unnecessary vehicle maintenance through the use of a monitoring tool?
  • Do I want to maximize employee productivity and profit?
  • Would I like to know everywhere a driver has been, where they are going and their exact location within seconds?
Anyone who has ever asked, “What are the advantages of vehicle tracking?” should know through the use of GPS tracking for cars that a business can have complete oversight of company vehicles. Not to mention, all of the other positive impacts of the GPS fleet management technology such as auto-theft security, mileage documentation, and more.

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Hidden GPS Tracker For Teenager Car

Whether a consumer is looking for the best teenage driving monitoring devices or maybe a senior GPS tracker designed for elderly safety, there are a lot of reasons why consumers would want to invest in GPS tracking for cars. Anyone consumer who has ever asked the following questions would benefit from the use of GPS tracking for cars:
  1. Is my teenage driver speeding?
  2. Is my grandpa, grandmother or elderly family member getting lost when driving?
  3. Is my partner being faithful?
  4. Is there a way to quickly recover my vehicle if it is stolen?

GPS tracking for cars can offer consumers the solutions to all of these questions by unlocking the door of unknown driving activity! That means providing addresses of where a spouse was located, the speed a teen driver was traveling, or the driving habits of a senior loved one to be sure they are practicing safe driving behaviors.

Best Hidden GPS Car Tracker 2020

Car tracking devices come with many different features and functions, from the simple to the sophisticated. Every consumer and/or business has a specific monitoring need, making it critical that people interested in GPS tracking for cars speak with a vehicle tracking expert about his or her unique needs. Therefore, there is no perfect cookie-cutter tracker that will accommodate everyone’s specific needs. Whether it is a no monthly fee GPS tracker or live GPS tracker, the best GPS car tracker depends on the needs of each user. According to online reviews and expert testimonies here is a list of the top 5 hidden GPS tracker devices for cars:
  1. SpaceHawk GPS
  2. Driving Activity Reporter 
  3. SilverCloud GPS Overdrive
  4. Vyncs GPS Tracker
  5. SpyTec STI GL 300

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

GPS Tracker Under Car

Why Place GPS Trackers Under Vehicles

One of the most impressive features of popular GPS data loggers such as Driving Activity Reporter is that the engineers who developed the devices spent a significant amount of time dedicated to the production and efficiency of the internal antennas. The brains behind these popular trackers realized early on that most users of vehicle tracker equipment would not opt for the same type of placement location of GPS navigational technology, which is commonly the front dashboard. They realized that many users would prefer placement locations that were more covert. Therefore, years of engineering went into the making of these GPS trackers to make them capable of receiving GPS signals in very tough placement locations. One of those placement locations was even underneath a target automobile. The undercarriage of an automobile is a great location to hide a GPS tracking device because most car drivers never look underneath their vehicle, the location allows for quality GPS devices to obtain GPS signals that reflect off of the ground and a tracker can easily be attached to this region without much hassle thereby creating a covert monitoring option. This is the reason why so many law enforcement agencies opt to attach portable GPS tracking devices underneath a target car when conducting surveillance operations. It is important to note that not all GPS devices can be placed under a vehicle because only certain types of units are engineered for this purpose. Therefore, it is important to speak with any GPS provider about this placement option before investment if that is what the user intends.
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