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How Can I Track My Teenager Car Without Her Knowing

Where Is My Teenager Going?

Teenagers in this modern era live in a world much more complex than 50, 25 or even 10 years ago. Today, teenagers are exposed to a television-centered society that seemingly rewards and sensationalizes bad behavior, causing many teens to experiment with drugs, alcohol, or illegal prescription medicines. Throw in the already daunting fact that teens are often guided by peer-pressure to assist in the decision-making process, and the recipe can be disastrous. Therefore, it is no wonder why so many parents feel the desire to do more to protect their teens. Desire to more closely observe behavior. Desire to call upon technology to aid in parenting. This is the reason any parent who has ever asked themselves, “How can I track my teenager car without them knowing“, has researched the different teen GPS tracking devices on the market. But how does teen driving technology work, and how can it help parents of teen drivers sleep a little easier?

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GPS tracking technology was once a form of surveillance that was only popular in business fleet management applications, but now it has quickly become one of the most popular tools for parents to monitor teenagers and oversee teen driving.

“GPS vehicle tracking is extremely useful for parents because the technology provides concrete information about where a teen is hanging out, what speeds they are driving and how long they stayed at a friend’s house”, stated a personal tracking specialist at GPS Tracker Shop. “By reviewing the GPS vehicle tracker data, parents can determine if their teen is lying, driving dangerously or going to places they are not supposed to be. All of this GPS tracking information can be used to improve teen safety and family security.”

Best GPS Tracker For Teenage Car

After a parent has researched all of the positive benefits that teen GPS trackers can provide, the next step is figuring out what is the best GPS tracker for a teenager’s car. The first thing a parent will need to determine is whether they desire a real-time GPS tracker or a GPS data logger. Since most parents want to avoid investing in a teen tracking device that requires monthly service fees the most popular selection is a GPS data logger. And when it comes to GPS data loggers, no system has stood the test of time better than SpaceHawk GPS.

SpaceHawk GPS has been on the market for roughly 3 years and is widely recognized as one of the best teenage driving monitoring devices for parents. Available to concerned parents for $89.00 per tracker, SpaceHawk GPS is an affordable teenage driving safety device monitoring device that provides precise data related to teen driving activity. GPS tracking data provided by SpaceHawk GPS includes the speed a teen driver was going at any time, the maximum speed that teens traveled throughout the course of the day, and all of the locations the teen went to. This is the type of information parents can use to determine if their teen is engaging in safe or dangerous driving habits. However, the best part about this car tracking device for teens is the exterior magnetic mount feature that allows any parent to covertly monitor where their teen is going, giving them a simple answer to the question: How can I track my teenager car without them knowing?

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Should I Track My Teenager

Are Parents Going Too Far With GPS Trackers?

Teen GPS tracking devices have been the best friend of any concerned parent over the past decade. This is because the car tracking devices basically act as an invisible passenger sitting shotgun in a teen’s vehicle every time they put the keys inside the ignition. The teen GPS tracker essentially acts like the snotty little brother looking to gain parental favor by snitching on the older brother/sister for all of the dumb things he/she was doing such as driving too fast or going to locations he/she was not supposed to be. Although GPS tracking systems built for teen driving management can offer parents some small amount of assurance that their teen driver is adhering to proper rules of the road, many people believe GPS tracking technology also strongly invades the privacy rights of the teen. With so many parents now using GPS teen tracking systems to observe teenage behaviors while behind the wheel, has the practice simply gone too far?

Many teens who oppose parents either covertly attaching a GPS tracker magnetically or hard-wiring a real-time GPS tracker unit to their vehicle state that parents are crossing the line of privacy and thus melting trust. The teen would defend themselves by proclaiming that they successfully passed state-mandated driver’s education courses, a written examination provided by the state, and a behind-the-wheel exam to show multiple teachers and driving experts that they are qualified to operate a vehicle and that they understand the rules of the highways. After going through all those channels successfully, the only reason a parent would want to attach a teen GPS vehicle tracker to their automobile would be for spying reasons. However, completing mandatory written exams, a driver’s ed course, and a behind-the-wheel test do not necessarily mean a teen will apply the knowledge they acquired and that is the reason for GPS tracking.

Many teens might feel like their parents are going too far when talking about using a vehicle tracking device to observe their driving habits, but the numbers simply do not lie when the conversation is about teen driving dangers and teen safety. This is because even though teens do receive adequate training about driving before they receive a driver’s license the factors of inexperience and peer pressure can easily override those training techniques resulting in a possible lapse in judgment.

Unfortunately, a lapse in judgment when operating a motor vehicle can have a deadly outcome. This is the reason why parents use teen GPS tracking devices: to assure those safe driving practices that were learned are being implemented on a daily basis. The conversation about using GPS tracking to monitor teen driving isn’t about privacy but rather about safety. Safety is the reason why parents monitor teen driving and that is called good parenting not snooping.

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