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How Can We Prevent Teenage Driving Accidents?

How Is Dangerous Driving Prevented?

Prevent Teen Car Accidents & Risky Driving

One of the most powerful questions parents of teen drivers ask themselves is, “How can we prevent accidents from driving?“. The reality is there are many factors that cause teenagers to be one of the groups most likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, but there are ways parents can monitor, manage, and prevent teen driving accidents. The tool that is providing parents with this potentially life-saving information is a teen GPS tracker, and it is keeping teens safe while driving.

Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention

Teen Drivers Safety

As a parent of a teenager, I always find myself worried that my son is going to do something stupid. I’ve had all the talks with him about the things he shouldn’t do when driving such as texting, blasting his music too loud, checking his Facebook newsfeed, horsing around with friends, driving too fast and the list just goes on and on. He typically responds with “Okay Mom” which strikes a tone of I don’t really care or I’m simply annoying him. Like most parents, I don’t beat this information into his head over and over again because I think my teenager is stupid, but rather at his age with peer pressure and all the other factors, making a stupid decision isn’t out of the realm of impossibility. This is the reason why I and many other parents I know have decided to use teen GPS trackers to check on teen driving safety. Of course, many parents reading this are automatically going to assume using a GPS tracking device to check up on a teen is an invasion of privacy or that I’m just trying to spy on my kid. However, the question that really needs to be asked is if it is okay for my teen to be driving dangerously, texting while driving, or going to places off-limits. The answer is a very loud no! I don’t go into my kid’s room and rummage making his personal possessions and I don’t helicopter over every single action he makes. Driving through is a different animal altogether and something that needs to be monitored. Here are the reasons why:

  • The top cause of premature death among teens is automotive-related fatalities.
  • Approximately 70% of teens killed in vehicle accidents were male.
  • Over half of the automobile deaths among teens occurred on Friday or the weekend. The time most teens drive for leisure.
  • Speeding is one of the main factors in automotive accidents and death among teenage motorists.

Teen Driving Stats

How Can Accidents Be Reduced?

Top 5 Ways Dangerous Teen Driving Prevented

  1. Enroll teen drivers in a professional driving school
  2. As a parent, set a good example of what safe driving looks like 
  3. Communicate the dangers of speeding to teen drivers
  4. Reduce and eliminate potential distractions while driving
  5. Utilize GPS teen tracking devices

The numbers don’t lie people! Teen driving safety is a topic that should be just as much of a concern as drug or alcohol use, but for some reason, it seems to fall by the wayside among so many parents. I was not going to be one of those parents whose child was going to be a statistic and that was the driving force behind my family’s choice to invest in GPS tracking devices. What I do is place the teen GPS tracker under the passenger seat in the car my teenager drives. The GPS tracker will then allow me to know how fast my boy is driving and everywhere he is going at all times. So even though he nods and annoyingly says “Okay Mom” when I tell him not to be texting or driving too fast while he’s out, the GPS tracker gives me a simple way to validate he’s not being a moron. I even have the GPS tracker programmed to send me an alert if he drives over 70mph, and if he travels further than 100 miles in any direction. Also, I can view his text message records according to the historical driving records to determine if he was using his phone to send messages while driving. My son is not a bad kid. He gets decent grades and hasn’t been in any trouble with the law. But good grades and a clean record don’t mean anything when it comes to teen driving safety.

I’d love to believe that all of the words of wisdom I have provided my teen driver have sunk in but the reality is once he grabs his keys and gets behind the wheel I have no idea what choices he makes. GPS tracking at least allows me to have some additional oversight so if he does make poor choices I can intervene before something potentially bad happens. This is why I truly believe all parents should use teen GPS trackers to monitor the driving habits of their teens. Inexperience behind the wheel can have fatal consequences and if GPS tracking can reduce the possibility of an accident occurring in even the slightest amount then it’s one of the best investments a parent can make.

Is There An App To Tell You How Fast Your Driving?

Speeding and Teenage Driving

Even teenagers who get good grades at school, hold a part-time job, or appear to take responsibility very seriously can be bad drivers. Driving is something that the Department of Motor Vehicles goes to the great length of saying driving is a privilege, not a right, but many teens do not take driving as seriously as they should. The facts show that teen drivers are clearly categorized as “high-risk” motorists due to a lack of experience behind the wheel, tendencies to engage in risky behaviors, and other factors. The stats aren’t meant to cause alarm but to show the reality that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of premature death among teens. This is something that is unacceptable and the reason why GPS tracker device engineers have made vehicle tracking hardware easy enough to use so that parents can better manage teen driving activity. The feature most used to promote teen driving safety and reduce reckless driving is a feature on real-time GPS tracking systems called the speed alert. Speed alerts are basically a parent’s best friend when it comes to driving oversight because they will alert concerned parents the moment a teen begins to drive over the pre-set safe limit. This basically is an app to tell you how fast you’re driving! Here is a breakdown of how a parent would implement a safe teen driving strategy using the speed alert feature on a GPS vehicle tracker:

  1. Parent Puts GPS Tracker On Vehicle Teen Drives
  2. Parent Tells Teen Not To Drive Faster Than 70mph
  3. Parent Programs Speed Alert
  4. If Teen Exceeds Safe Speed Rate An Email/Text Is Sent To Parent
  5. Teen Gets Boot In The Bum For Driving Like A Fool

Knowing that a teenager is speeding is critical information that could very well be life-changing data. With concrete evidence showing a teen is indeed speeding, parents can make the appropriate intervention and added consequences. Parents can restrict driving privileges and explain the serious danger of driving at excessive rates of speed. Hopefully, this parental intervention can shape healthier driving patterns and behaviors before they become ingrained in the teen psyche. This is important as many studies show that driving behaviors developed when a person is a teenager can last a lifetime.

Speed alert features on GPS vehicle trackers are one of the best tools a parent can use to find out exactly what a teen driver is doing when operating an automobile. Not only is the information helpful, but it can literally save a life. That is what is most important: saving lives through technology.

Smallest GPS TrackerGPS Tracking Is Supervised Driving

  • Spot Risky Driving Behaviors Like Speeding Instantly
  • Prevent Teen Car Accidents
  • Know Where Your Teen Is Located At All Times
  • Easily Hidden Under Any Car Seat
  • Audit Highway Safety
  • Experts Encourage GPS For Anyone With Learner’s Permit
  • Reduce The Risk Of Bad Driving Habits

Additional Tips to Prevent Teenage Crash Risk

Teens And Distracted Driving & Drunk Driving

If we all follow the rules of the road it results in more safety for everyone. Having a driver’s license does not mean you or your teen are immune to a potential car accident. The best thing parents can do to prevent teen car accidents is to emphasize the basics of traffic safety. That means having genuine conversations about the dangers of distracted driving, the importance of seat belts, and how a one-time decision to get involved with drinking and driving can result in a fatal crash. The leading cause of death (accidental) among teenagers in teen crashes.

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