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How To Catch An Employee Stealing Time

What Is Time Theft In The Workplace?

Remote Workers And Employees Commit Time Theft

Efficiency matters when it comes to small businesses’ success, this is the reason many companies utilize accountability systems to make sure employees are not stealing time. Many businesses call monitor employees computer activity with computer monitoring software, but that is really not a solution for drivers working outside of the office. For employers trying to figure out how to catch an employee stealing time, the answer comes in the form of a technology called GPS tracking.

What Does It Mean To Steal Time?

Types of time theft by remote workers include leaving job sites early, taking longer stops than necessary, prolonging lunches and extended breaks, and essentially any behavior that results in time from the company being robbed. Obviously, positive  company culture and human capital management will all promote a healthy work environment are the best ways to prevent time theft. Therefore, if remote employees are doing personal tasks or taking time form the company in other ways such as a 90-minute lunch, the most proactive solution would be to more clearly define set expectations and change company culture.

Employee Monitoring System

Workforce Management With Time And Attendance Software

When company culture has changed and a more positive environment for remote employess has not resulted in a change when it comes to an employees’ time theft then the next option is to consider tracking time via vehicle tracking devices.  GPS monitoring technology was once a tool primarily used among government agencies, and large corporations with a desire to observe the fleet activity. Although police and large businesses continue to take advantage of real-time GPS trackers, many smaller businesses are now also using GPS to catch employees stealing company time. The reason for this increase in use is due to a number of factors such as:

  1. GPS trackers becoming more financially affordable
  2. Rise in gas prices has made many companies decide to better manage fuel consumption
  3. GPS tracking can result in a more efficient workforce
  4. Real-time GPS trackers provide auto-theft security, and a way to safeguard valuable assets/equipment

Employee Time Tracking Software For Small Business

When most people probably think of business applications for GPS devices they think either of navigational uses or employee monitoring. Although navigational GPS technology can shorten route times and employee time tracking can ensure drivers are not abusing company time, GPS trackers can be used for an assortment of other applications that can help a business be more profitable. For example, GPS tracking devices can determine excessive vehicle idling, if drivers are failing to make certain stops, whether employees are speeding, if equipment is moved without authorization and a number of other things related to asset management and vehicle tracking activity. The reality is that the economy has always been a tide that made it difficult for small businesses to stay afloat therefore it is more challenging to make a dollar in today’s market. Businesses can no longer rely on the old way of doing business and instead need to adapt to the changing times. That means increased use of technological tools to enhance efficiency and reduce or eliminate things that are costing a company money.

GPS tracking devices are providing the answer to many of the challenges businesses all across the United States are dealing with on a daily basis. These challenges include making certain employees are not misusing company vehicles, conducting the work they agreed upon completing, reducing fuel consumption, protecting automotive assets, stealing company time, and so much more. With GPS trackers are constantly increasing productivity and decreasing in cost it is only a matter of time before all company vehicles are outfitted with some form of GPS car tracker. And hopefully, catching an employee stealing time will be as simple as looking at data on a mobile phone.

If you are an employee who believes your work vehicle might be bugged check out this article.

Hidden GPS Tracker

How Do I Track An Employee’s Location?

GPS Tracking Device For Catching A Problem Employee

The most sophisticated GPS vehicle tracker with no monthly fees currently available on the market is Driving Activity Reporter. The reason this employee tracking system is popular among small businesses is because the device offers an animated street map capable of offering historical playback, activity reports that break down daily travels, and detailed satellite imagery using Google Earth. The tracking device Since the new utilizes powerful online tracking software that works with both Apple and Windows operating systems. Basically, a business can place Driving Activity Reporter on all company vehicles, and any time they suspect a problem employee might be stealing time they can remove the tracker from the vehicle and review employee location data.

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