How To Create A Geo-Fence With SilverCloud GPS


Create Safety Zones With SilverCloud GPS Tracker

By far one of the most popular features of real-time GPS tracking devices are something known as safety zones. Also referred to as geo-fences, safety zones basically refer to the creation of an online virtual boundary that will trigger an alert that is sent by either email or text message (both options can also be selected). These geo-fence safety zones are very popular in fleet tracking applications as they can alert a business owner the very second a company vehicle arrives or departs from a job site. The application is also becoming popular among concerned parents of teenagers because the geo-fence safety zones can transmit an alert when their teen arrives/leaves from school. Not to mention, the feature can notify a parent if their teen is driving in locations or places considered off limits. Setting up geo-fences is very easy and can literally be accomplished in a about 30 seconds using the SilverCloud mobility captured online software. In the above video our resident GPS tracking experts show how to create a geo-fence safety zone that will alert a user when the perimeter is breached. We encourage anyone with questions to contact us directly for more assistance or subscribe to the official GPS Tracker Shop YouTube channel to gain more information on the different features SilverCloud GPS offers as well as our other GPS vehicle management solutions.

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