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Tracking School Buses With Satellite Technology

Since the recent tragedy that occurred earlier this week in the city of Chattanooga that resulted in the heartbreaking death of five children, many parents have been asking why GPS tracking technology was not equipped on all school buses. The question is a relevant one considering that GPS tracking devices are now abundantly around us in many forms and fashions. And the monitoring technology has been providing numerous benefits that include:

  • A simple way for companies to monitor employee driving activities
  • Document mileage, route history and address information
  • Determint if drivers are making safe driving choices

What is known at this time is that the school bus involved in that horrific accident in Chattanooga was not equipped with a GPS tracker, and the majority of school buses that transport children to and from school are not installed with any form of passive or live GPS tracking technology. Heck, many school buses are not even designed with basic lap seat belts let alone state-of-the-art safety straps that one would think all vehicles transporting children would have! So the general consensus is that more could and should be done to improve the efficiency and safety of the school buses used to transport kids. That is for certain. However, for those lucky enough to live in a school district that places a priority on bus safety by calling upon GPS auto tracking technology, they might ask themselves how exactly it is a a school district can track the speed of a bus operating in the field. The answer is actually very simple and involves real-time tracking.

Track The Speed Of School Buses In Real-Time

When a school bus has a real-time GPS tracker installed upon it the device will constantly be sending and receiving locational information. One major piece of this information is speed. Not only does the live tracking device document the speed the school bus travels and stores that information upon remote computer servors, but the tracker also has the unqiue ability to notify fleet managers if the bus is traveling at unsafe speeds. For example, let’s say a school district never wants any of their school buses to travel over 55mph. If that is the case all the school district fleet operators need to do is set a speed alert on the tracker to send out both an email and SMS alert if the bus travels over that 55mph mark. The tracker can also record and document every single instance when that speed barrier was broken! This feature is great because it allows school districts to determine if a particular driver is adhering to safe driving practices, which is crucial considering that speeding was believed to be the cause of the accident in Chattanooga as well as many other automotive accidents.

Most people have the good sense to agree upon that child safety shoiuld be a top priorty, and that children should not die on their way to school. If GPS tracking units can help reduce or eliminate even a single child from dying, well this writer believes that is a tremendous investment.

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