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Installing A GPS Tracker

Power Options For Real-Time GPS Trackers

When most families or businesses invest in real-time GPS tracker technology they intend on using the monitoring devices for years and years. Whether the vehicle tracker application be anything from helping a parent identify where their teenage driver is going, to simply providing an additional layer of automotive theft security, deciding on the power source for the GPS tracker is crucial. This is because some users prefer to be covert when GPS tracking a vehicle. Popular GPS trackers such as the LandAirSea SilverCloud are designed to be used as complete portable tracking solutions, but the tracker devices also have the flexibility to provide alternative power options

SilverCloud GPS is widely recognized as one of the premier real-time GPS trackers available on the market. Offering 15 hours of automobile-in-motion recording time, the device works great for almost every potential user. However, with most driving time per day averaging 1-2 hours, some businesses and families need more than 2 weeks worth of GPS tracking data before a recharge is necessary. This is when alternative power options come in very handy. With the purchase of a hard-wire kit accessory, LandAirSea SilverCloud GPS users can have their tracker permanently installed to their target vehicle. This will allow the user never to worry about battery-life, as the GPS tracker will pull power directly from the car battery. The hard-wire option tends to be popular among companies seeking a fleet management surveillance solution, families worried about the driving habits of a senior citizen, or individual looking to enhance auto-theft prevention efforts. Another option for those wanting a simple plug and play connection is to utilize the Sync version of the SilverCloud. This particular device does not require a hard-wire option because the GPS unit connects directly into the OBDII port of the target vehicle and will then pull power from the car that route. All of the GPS tracking data is accessible online and will provide users the ability to track a vehicle in real-time.

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