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LandAirSea SilverCloud Breaks Boundaries


The world is structured in a way that boundaries divide countries. In the cellular communication world, these boundaries can be hurdles for those wanting to use their mobile communication devices or GPS trackers internationally. Although international borders can present a number of challenges for systems operating off telematics networks, GPS Tracker Shop is very proud to announce that it now has a real-time GPS tracker available for global consumers and businesses that can operate in 100+ nations.

“Clients in Canada, Mexico and numerous countries overseas would routinely call our vehicle management specialists to inquire about a real-time GPS tracker that would function in their country of intended use”, stated a customer service representative for GPS Tracker Shop. “Unfortunately, we only had passive devices that could cross international borders with disruption of GPS tracking data. That is of course until the release of SilverCloud Global.”

What SilverCloud Global offers is real-time tracking technology for anyone looking to manage automotive assets, regardless of whether or not they reside in the United States. Since all real-time monitoring trackers require the presence of a cellular data module to send GPS locational data, it is vital to have the tracker operate in a region where cellular coverage is available. However, many countries have different cellular companies providing telecommunications service. SilverCloud Global resolves this problem by working directly with the local telecommunications company on the region where the tracker is designated to operate. All the user or business is required to do is provide GPS Tracker Shop with what country the tracker device will be operating in, and the company will program the SilverCloud Global to connect to that countries’ telematics networks!

Those seeking a GPS tracking device that works internationally need to look no further than the LandAirSea SilverCloud Global that offers international coverage for those seeking a real-time GPS tracking solution! Please note that data plans may vary depending on what country the real-time GPS tracker will be used in. Roaming data plans are also available for those who frequently travel abroad.

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