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Real-Time GPS For Families Across The Globe

GPS Tracker Shop has spent vast amounts of time investigating the most advanced, accurate and reliable personal tracking devices to improve family safety. The reason is because the California-based GPS company believes that through monitoring satellite technology lives can literally be saved. This is the case with senior citizens with mental challenges who wander or special needs people who can all be safeguarded through the help of GPS tracking watches. Now, GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that the top-selling GPS tracking watch is available for international clients and consumers seeking the latest in personal monitoring protection. GPS Tracking Watch Also referred to as the GPS Tracking Bracelet, the GPS Tracking Watch is a device that is worn by the individual while working as a fully operational watch. For this reason the surveillance device can blend in seamlessly with every day clothing attire. However, the strength of the device is its advanced tracking capabilities and alerting features that make the tracker the perfect tool for personal safety. These features include:

  • Movement Alerts (Text Alert Sent If Person Wanders Off)
  • Speed Alerts (Notifications If A Senior Is Driving Too Fast)
  • Tamper Warnings (Alerts Sent If Person Tries To Remove Watch)
  • Real-Time GPS (Live Access To Locational Data 24/7)

The GPS Tracking Watch has been one of the top-selling personal security products over the past year but the device had one significant limitation: it could only be used in the United States. After working closely with Laipac Technologies to work on an international solution, GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that it is now offering the GPS Tracking Watch to global clients! “We understand that the global market has had a demand for personal tracking watches and are proud to announce that such a solution is now available through our online store”, explained the Marketing Director at GPS Tracker Shop. “With this expansion outside of the U.S. market we hope our devices will only continue help to enhance both personal and family safety.” Consumers seeking additional information about GPS tracking devices designed for personal safety can contact a representative at GPS Tracker Shop for more details. Customer service, sales and technical support reps are available seven days a week to offer support.

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