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Is GPS real time?

Is GPS Real Time?

Can I Trace The Location Of My Car In Real Time

What You Need To Know About Real Time GPS Tracking

There are a number of reasons why somebody would want to trace the location of their car. Some of these reasons include teen driving safety, business vehicle management, consumer auto theft prevention, and spouse tracking. However, the technology that powers real time GPS tracking devices is actually quite different depending on the device and the data plan. So let’s take a more in-depth look at car GPS trackers and discuss just how real time the devices can be!


What Does Real Time Tracking Mean?

GPS trackers for vehicles that are engineered with a SIM card have the ability to transmit location-based data that can be viewed on a tracking app or web browser. Basically, real time GPS tracking means using a 4G GPS locator to see where a person, vehicle, or asset is located 24/7. Tracking units make it easy to determine a vehicles’ location and increase safety with personal tracking applications such as senior monitoring. In fact, some real time magnet GPS tracker units can be hidden on a vehicle without a driver ever knowing! They have offer features such as live audio monitoring for those willing to pay a monthly fee.

How Does a Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System Work

Real time GPS vehicle tracking systems utilize the Global Navigation Satellite System network. This network works in conjunction with a range of satellites orbiting that earth that transmit to GPS trackers to provide detailed information on altitude, location, speed, direction, and more. All of this tracking data is time-stamped. The real time vehicle GPS tracking system instantly sends the detailed info on the tracker to a central portal live as it happens. The transmission of the data is most commonly done through the use of a cellular data module which allows the real time vehicle tracking system to send these updates in intervals that can range from as fast as every 3 seconds to as slow as once every 6 months, depending on the user’s application.

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Are GPS Trackers Real Time?

Yes! GPS trackers are so accurate that a person can literally view a vehicle as it travels down the road in real time. Once the live GPS tracking device is placed on the car the data can be viewed on a cellphone, tablet, or computer. The frequency of the real time updates will vary depending on the data plan the user selected for the car GPS tracker. Updates (also know as pings) can occur as quickly as every 3 seconds. Some of the most popular asset tracking and fleet tracking devices on the market today include:

  • BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7
  • Mobile200 GPS Tracker
  • LandAirSea Sync OBD Trackers
  • LandAirSea GPS 54 Vehicle Tracker

*None of the above-mentioned devices is a GPS tracker with live audio or offer dash camera features.

Why Do GPS Trackers Require A Data Plan?

Real time GPS trackers require a data plan because they call upon cellular communication networks to transmit data. Basically, that means the data stored on the car tracking device is transmitted using a cell tower to a server that houses the online GPS tracking software. These cellular towers charge a fee for this service. Therefore, the more data a real time GPS tracker sends (faster updates) the more expensive the data plan will be. For example, a real time GPS tracking device subscription plan for updates every 3 seconds can cost as much as  $44.95 per month, whereas a live GPS tracker that updates every 3 minutes can cost as little as $7.95 per month.