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Jada Smith Backs GPS Company Bipper

Panic Alarm GPS App Gets Celebrity Backing

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new to the commercial market. Whether it be Jennifer Aniston pushing Smart Water, Jane Seymour pushing her own line of jewelry, Gwen Stefani pushing baby clothes or any number of celebs promoting their own fragrance, one thing is certain and that is star power sells. That is also what a company called Bipper is hoping for now that they have the celebrity backing of Jada Pinkett Smith not only promoting but also investing in a new safety app that utilizes GPS tracking technology on iOS and Android called bSafe.

Smith first came in contact with the bSafe mobile app from her daughter who had it downloaded on her mobile phone. As a proactive parent, Smith investigated the app and quickly saw that the combination of GPS and panic button could play a critical role in helping those looking to enhance personal safety. Specifically, victims of human trafficking, a serious human rights problem that Smith has taken a personal involvement with trying to resolve.

Competing In The Mobile GPS Market

bSafe has a number of features that make it advantageous as a personal tracking solution but that doesn’t stop the celebrity-endorsed GPS tracking app from having market competition. PanicGuard, another mobile app designed with the ability to sound an alarm, also offers popular features that promote safety. These features include the ability to send text messages to emergency contacts, video recording capabilities and of course access to real-time GPS tracking locations. However, bSafe has one advantage over PanicGuard and that is service cost. This is because PanicGuard requires $6 a month for tracking service, whereas bSafe costs $2 a month for the same monitoring. bSafe will transmit an alert to any friends or family members added to the emergency contact list if/when the panic button is activated. When the panic button is activated by the user the alert will come across as broadcast video showing real-time GPS locational data on a map as well a time stamp! bSafe also has a feature that allows the user to share their personal GPS tracking data, allowing friends or family to view the real-time location of the user at anytime. However, the most unique feature offered from bSafe is something known as the “Fake Call” that makes the user’s mobile phone ring on command, giving its user the ability to get out of any situation on demand.

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