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LandAirSea Tracking Key Pro Review

GPS Data Logger Takes Top Honors

Many folks researching GPS trackers at some point discover the high costs associated with real-time tracking and begin looking for more cost-effective ways to meet their monitoring needs. What the smart consumer eventually finds is that GPS data loggers can offer them a way to uncover unknown driving activity of teen drivers, employees or significant others, but with no monthly service or activation fees required. After evaluating many of the passive trackers available on the market, the car GPS tracker unit that has performed better than any other vehicle tracker the industry has to offer, according to the experts at GPS Tracker Shop, is the GPS Tracking Key Pro.

GPS Tracking Key Pro Cool Features

  • Long-lasting tracking capabilities on only two AA batteries (100+ hours of driving time)
  • Flexible power options: Hard-wire capability, cigarette lighter adapter option and standard AA battery option.
  • Super powerful exterior magnet.
  • Internal antenna that is over 1000x more sensitive than a standard navigation system!
  • Small size and black casing provides stealth and covert placement.
  • Zero service fees.

People Who Use The GPS Tracking Key Pro

  • Any parent who has concerns about the safe driving habits of a teen who just got their license.
  • Companies who are less interested in fleet management, and more concerned about catching employees who are slacking on the job or falsifying time sheets.
  • Individuals who believe that a partner could be cheating, gambling or drinking.
  • Anyone interested in calculating, organizing and logging mileage driven.

What We Think About The GPS Tracker

What our GPS evaluators first found intriguing about this model of data logger was that it offered roughly 100 hours worth of battery life (wheels in motion drive time). This far exceeded the battery life performance of the median passive tracker on the market. However, it most be noted that this extended battery life was only achieved using a high-grade battery. Standard batteries offered roughly 60 hours of record time. Although the text reports were detailed and the data superimposed over Google Earth provided by far the best method of viewing historical data, one drawback of the device was the historical playback option. This feature utilizes a third mapping program that looks and feels very out-dated. This could and should be modernized. The design is sleek and small, allowing users to covertly place the GPS tracker on a car. GPS Tracking Key also has a magnetic mount for outside placement, although the user guide explains that the unit should not be placed outside in wet conditions. These are certainly advantageous features. Costing roughly $169 per device GPS Tracking Key Pro is one of the best data loggers that we have tested and can see many positive uses for the passive unit. However, when it comes to top shelf tracking devices nothing compares to those that function in real-time.

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