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Making a dollar is always difficult in business, but even more so when the economy has been in the tank. The only thing that could create more challenges is working in an industry that depends on consumer disposable income. Unfortunately for limo service companies, that is exactly what they have to deal with. This is because when the economy is tight the last thing people find themselves doing is renting limousines for parties or special events. Although the odds are certainly not favorable for limo service businesses in the current economic climate, many limousine companies are fighting back by maximizing profit through increased GPS fleet tracker devices.

GPS tracker devices assist limo companies through accurate locational data gathered via satellites orbiting the Earth. With this GPS tracking data, a limo company can completely reinvent it’s fleet management and vehicle monitoring strategies. This is because real-time GPS trackers give limo companies a number of tools that can help them boost their operations such as:

  1.  The Ability To Instantly Locate Any Limo In The Field
  2. Fast Mileage Accounting & Documentation
  3. Real-Time Speed Alerts
  4. Historical Records Of Travel
  5. Vehicle Idling Reports
  6. Maximum Route Efficiency

“So many limo companies have been turning to the use of GPS trackers in an all-out effort to enhance fleet efficiency to safeguard all profits, and the trend is likely only to continue with uncertain global economy combined with rising fuel costs”, explained a GPS vehicle tracking specialist for Southern California based GPS Tracker Shop. “Limo service businesses want to know if drivers are following the rules of the road, picking up clients on time and most importantly that their limousines are safe.”

When a limo service company opts to equip a GPS tracker to their vehicles they begin to reap the benefits immediately. This is because the vehicle locators will determine if limousines are being misused if drivers are speeding if clients are being picked up at the stated times and alert the business owner if their limousines are ever stolen are moved without authorization. However, the most popular feature of real-time GPS tracking among limo service is companies is ShareSpot technology. What ShareSpot offers is limo businesses the ability to share the live locations of the limousines to their clients. This is done on a website or Facebook page that features a satellite images map with the limos superimposed upon that map. This allows clients to see where their limos are at or to brag to friends where they are traveling when traveling in style. From a customer service standpoint with ShareSpot technology to a business efficiency standpoint with automotive security, real-time GPS tracking technology is taking limo service businesses into the future.

GPS Tracking Is Changing The Limo Experience

Everybody enjoys riding inside the luxurious and spacious confines of a stretch limousine. Whether a person contacts limousine services for a romantic outing, wedding, prom or simply to party with friends, there truly is no better way to travel. Unfortunately, limousine companies and fleet managers left with the task of monitoring limos operating in the field are presented with the challenging task of making sure services are operating at maximum capacity, and clients are being picked up and dropped off in a fluid and friendly fashion. With so much on the line for limousine companies, many of the service-based businesses are using GPS trackers specifically designed for limo tracking to give customers the best experience possible when traveling in a stretch limousine!

Limo tracking through the use of real-time GPS trackers is an application that has exploded in popularity over the past five years. The reasons why limousine companies are using GPS trackers range from auto-theft security, personnel monitoring, vehicle management, and enhanced customer service via shared GPS tracking information. Understanding how a GPS vehicle tracker can improve fleet security, employee production, and general vehicle management activity is fairly clear to understand, but improving customer service via data sharing is a new concept that is a term coined ShareSpot. ShareSpot technology basically refers to sharing locational data of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles, allowing customers to know exactly where an airport shuttle, taxi cab or limo is located at any given time. This has been something that many limousine companies have been using with much success to better connect with existing clients and potential new clients. The process just involves a limo company pasting in an HTML code on their company website or Facebook page and then anyone can see when a limo is going to pick them up, or the clients can share the information to friends and family letting them know how awesome of a time they are having. ShareSpot is a great marketing tool for limousine companies but the reality is limo trackers provide everything from information about limo drivers, speeds driven, mileage and so much more. The trackers provide limo security and an easy way for limo fleet managers to see how operations are moving. The reality is that limo companies not using GPS tracking technology are not only doing a disservice to their customers but also to their own vehicle management strategies.

Limo GPS Installation

Hardwiring GPS Tracker To Limo

Limo companies have unique transportation monitoring needs that most other businesses do not. This is because limo fleet managers demand both real-time GPS locations of limousines in operation and the ability to share that information with customers waiting for pick-up, drop off or other services. Not to mention, real-time GPS trackers also provide a heightened level of auto-theft security that can keep luxury automotive assets better safeguarded. The fact is almost every established limo company makes an investment in fleet tracking hardware that uses GPS tracking because of the numerous benefits of the technology. However, once a limo business makes the decision to invest in vehicle tracking systems the next step naturally moves toward finding an installation team capable of keeping the GPS powered according to the needs of the client.

Limo GPS Tracker Installation Guide

GPS trackers come in all shapes and sizes offering different features based on user needs. In order to simplify everything, this article will use the popular and top-rated fleet management system SilverCloud as an example. This device, manufactured in Illinois, provides limo companies seeking a real-time vehicle management solution flexible options for powering the tracker. These powering options include:

  • Internal Power Source Via Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Connection To Cigarette Lighter Port
  • Direct Connection Via OBDII Port
  • Hard Wiring Connection To 12 Volt System

Having so many different powering options provides a high level of flexibility for limo companies trying to decide the best option for them. This is because some limo businesses will choose to be covert when monitoring limo drivers whereas others will be upfront with employees about vehicle monitoring equipment. For example, fleet managers who prefer transparency will move forward with a simple connection via cigarette lighter port or directly into the on board diagnostics port of the limo. The benefit of this option is no professional installation is required and drivers are aware of vehicle monitoring.

Fleet managers seeking a more covert option can opt to use the SilverCloud GPS limo tracker as either a portable solution or have the device connected via hard-wiring harness. The portable option is great for limo drivers concerned about employee misuse of company property because the limo manager can place the tracker in a number of different secretive spots in the cab of the luxury automobile. These spots can include any little nook inside the stretch portion of the limo, somewhere upfront like the glove box or even under the limo if the manager uses a waterproof case with a surface magnet. Although the battery life for the GPS tracker is only 15 hours of movement motion, accessing the exact battery life percentage is easy using the online platform that shows all GPS tracking data. Not to mention, fleet managers can program the real-time GPS tracker to send an alert if the battery becomes low. This feature is frequently used by fleet managers who want to know the exact moment to charge the tracker and do so by setting the GPS to send an email or text message alert once battery life falls down to 10%. The hard-wiring option is certainly the best long-term option for any limo company that wants auto-theft security, covert placement, and never-ending battery power. This option does require a small purchase of wiring cables to connect the GPS tracker to the 12Volt system of the limo. Also, a professional installation team would be required to perform the permanent installation.

Although the additional costs of purchasing a wiring kit and installer to connect the tracker to the vehicle, this is by far the most effective route for people who never want to think about the battery life of their GPS device. GPS tracker devices such as the SilverCloud are changing the way limo companies improve route management, automotive security, and employee performance while giving each company the discretion to use the technology in an application that is best for them.

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