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Why Our Business Is Turning To Litecoin

For nearly 10 years GPS Tracker Shop has been providing vehicle management and personal monitoring solutions to consumers, businesses and government agencies across the globe. During that time, GPS Tracker Shop has used and PayPal to process customer payments for orders. This allows customers to make payments with their Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and any other mainstream credit cards, including PayPal funds. Both of these payment centers have been satisfactory in terms of services provided, but with higher fees, (for both business and cardholder), PCI DSS compliance and an abundant number of other issues it was clear a better option was needed. This is why GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that it will begin accepting the popular crypto-currency Litecoin as payment for all products at the GPS Tracker Shop online store!

The Issue With Banking

The old saying is that gold is the currency of kings, silver the currency of peasants and debt the currency of slaves. That is exactly how credit card companies like it because it is through consumer debt and interest that they even exist. Banks charge consumers annual fees, interest on purchases and will alter terms & conditions if that consumer is late for a single payment. That can result in annual interest rates jumping upwards of 25%! On the flip side, banks charge businesses for every transaction they process, force them to adhere to PCI DSS compliance, and can tack on all sorts of other fees or penalties. The issue with banking is they take from both the consumer and the merchant and have both parties believing that their presence in transactions is necessary. It is not. And anyone who has ever paid for something in cash understands this and usually prefers that method of payment.

But what if there was a way to essentially pay for cash for products online without the headaches of the banking industry? That is where Litecoin comes into play!

Litecoin: The Future Of Online Payments

Litecoin was initially marketed as the little brother of Bitcoin or more commonly referred to as the “Silver to Bitcoin’s gold”. Bitcoin is definitely here to stay but the crypto-currency has issues such as transaction speed. Therefore, Bitcoin will most likely be used as a store of value (think gold) than a system for money exchange. Litecoin, on the other hand, solves many of those issues, making it ideal for e-commerce. First of all, the fees associated with sending Litecoin as a payment for goods or services are miniscule. This is reinforced by a payment of $99 million dollars that was sent in just 2.5 minutes recently at the cost of 40 cents. Yes you read that correctly. FORTY CENTS! Not to mention, Litecoin does not have pages upon pages of terms and conditions designed to jack up interest rates or find loopholes to take more money from the consumer or business. Litecoin gives power back to both parties. Cash may be King in the real world, but in the digital world it is Litecoin.

GPS Tracker Shop Accepts Litecoin (LTC)

As a technology company it is important to always look ahead, not in the rear view mirror, and that is why GPS Tracker Shop is excited about Litecoin. Think about the money in your pocket right now. It buys less today than it did a decade ago and even less than a decade before that. This is because government spending, inflation and a host of other factors have weakened and will continue to weaken the money you’ve earned. That is why a deflationary currency such as Litecoin is so amazing. Not only will Litecoin allow consumers to purchase vehicle monitoring devices like those at the GPS Tracker Shop, but the currency itself will continue to rise in value! That mean the Litecoins people hold in their digital wallets will INCREASE in value! For example, 5 years ago Litecoin was around $3 and today it is valued around $50. That is how money is supposed to work. By offering Litecoin GPS Tracker Shop is not only encouraging its shoppers to move toward financial freedom, but the surveillance-based company also plans on offering discounts to those who use Litecoin! That is the definition of a win/win and something our team is very proud of. So those interested in purchasing products using Litecoin can reach out to a GPS Tracker Shop representative 7 days a week, or those simply with Litecoin questions can also call and learn more!

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