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GPS technology is completely ingrained into our modern society. We use our smartphones to guide us from one location to the next with the help of Google Maps, and social media apps to geo-tag where we are at and what we are doing. Every single day Americans use some form of technology that utilizes GPS locational data or GPS tracking information. Small businesses are also no stranger to the technology either, as more and more companies are turning to live auto-tracking to document the activity of their trucks and automobiles.

Small Business GPS Applications

Whether the small business has one service delivery car or a small fleet of tow trucks, GPS vehicle trackers can be quite beneficial. The reason is that smaller businesses are the ones who feel the biggest pinch when employees are not being efficient or productive. Literally one bad employee working for s small business can damage reputation, brand and even worse cost that company a lot of money. This is the reason why GPS auto trackers are becoming the norm among delivery service businesses, tow truck companies, food trucks and more. The reason isn’t some negative, over-stepping businesses owners looking to spy on employees but rather the fact that car tracking can help a company:

Add & Track Mileage
Secure Company Vehicles From Theft
Improve Customer Service Via Accurate Arrival Data
Maximize Safe & Quick Route Selection
Validate Safe Driving Habits

“We employed a real-time tracker simply to prevent theft and make sure our driver was arriving at appointments on time”, explained a manager for a sheet metal business in New York. “All we had to do was plug the tracker into the OBDii port of our truck and we were ready to rock and roll.”

Viewing Company Vehicles In The Field

After a real time GPS tracker is connected to a company vehicle all the business managers or persons overseeing the data needs to do is go to a website to view both historical and real time driving activity. The data is stored securely and can be viewed with a mobile phone or a regular computer. All the user needs to access their personal auto tracking data is the login credentials. This is a great feature because multiple people in different locations can also view the tracking information!

Tracking a vehicle with GPS really is simple and useful for any small business looking to maximize their vehicle management plan, but it’s important to also recognize that GPS can have some shortcomings. For example, the devices used for tracking cars employ something called assisted-GPS. This means GPS signals are used to record driving activity with a high degree of accuracy and that data is then transmitted via cell towers. This means if a small business is located in a rural area where cellular coverage is not present the tracker will not be able to function properly. Businesses interested in tracking technology should also be aware that GPS signals cannot penetrate concrete so if a company vehicle is parked underground the tracker most likely won’t be able to pinpoint the exact location of that vehicle. However, their conditions are quite rare and can be determined before investment in a GPS monitoring system.

If you owned a small business that employed approximately 6 vehicles for a service-based delivery enterprise would you use GPS on those automobiles?