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Live GPS For Emergency Services Vehicles

Emergency Service Vehicle GPS Tracking

Real-Time Tracking Of Emergency Service Automobiles

Motorists who hear the sound of an ambulance, fire truck or some other form of emergency service vehicle understand the protocol of pulling over to the side of the road to let that automobile pass by. For those in harm’s way, the sound of an emergency service vehicle can mean hope. However, the reality is that people sort of take for granted that when they dial 9-1-1 or contact emergency services that first responders will be there to provide assistance in the quickest time possible. They don’t realize how much effort and management goes into an ambulance or emergency services vehicle going from point A to point B in the swiftest time possible. And they certainly don’t think about the role live GPS tracking plays in helping emergency services vehicles.


  • OBD2 GPS Tracker Records How Fast Drivers Go
  • GPS Tracker With No Monthly Fees For Year
  • Unlimited Real Time Tracking Every 3 Seconds 


Real Time GPS Tracker For Emergency Vehicles

Live GPS Tracking For Emergency Service Automobiles

When an ambulance company equips a real-time GPS tracker to its fleet of emergency service vehicles they instantly enhance automobile management. For example, live GPS vehicle tracking provides the following features;

  • Access To Automobile Location 24/7
  • High Speed Notifications
  • Data Regarding Vehicle Idling
  • Route Selection

The features of live GPS tracking devices allow for emergency service vehicles to operate more efficiently resulting in faster response times. And faster response times can literally mean the difference between life and death. “When ambulance companies contact us regarding the best vehicle monitoring solutions for their fleet we always start the discussion with a GPS that can connect to the onboard diagnostic port (OBDII) because of the wealth of data that particular model of the tracker can provide”, explained a sales rep for GPS Tracker Shop. “OBDII trackers will help an ambulance company acquire real-time tracking data, historical driving activity and various information related to vehicle performance that can all help an ambulance company determine if their emergency service vehicles are operating to the best of their capabilities.”

How GPS Tracking Ambulances Works

Live GPS trackers are user-friendly management tools that boost safety and performance for the ambulance and emergency service industry. Employed by hospitals all throughout the globe, real-time GPS devices record everywhere an ambulance travels and uploads the tracking data over an online mapping program such as Google Maps or Google Earth where it can be viewed instantly! Therefore, tracking ambulances and other emergency service vehicles  is really only a two-step process:

  1. Place GPS tracker on emergency services automobile
  2. Use computer, tablet or smartphone to view the real-time location of emergency services automobile accident
  3. The live GPS tracking data is also stored remotely so it can be viewed at a later time as well. Therefore, emergency service vehicle managers can see where ambulances were located at any point throughout the day or earlier in the week, month or year.

Nobody ever wants to find themselves in a life-threatening situation, but if that moment comes people can have faith knowing that emergency service vehicles are doing everything possible to respond in a timely fashion thanks in large part to technological tools such as real-time GPS tracking devices.