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Locate A Car From Mobile Phone

Tracking Cars With Mobile Phones

There are a number of scenarios that could exist where a person would want to have live access to the location of a vehicle. These scenarios include companies wanting more detailed oversight of fleet vehicles operating in the field, family members concerned about the driving habits of a senior citizen or even parents worried about teen driving safety of a teenage driver who is just learning the rules of the road. Living in today’s technologically connected society has resulted in easy access to things such as the Internet, social media and even locational data through the use of GPS tracking. And it is through the use of GPS tracking technology that businesses, families and consumers all over the globe are able to locate a vehicle in real-time all with just a couple touches on a mobile phone.

Mobile Phones

According to an article published on the Washington Post, since 2011 there are more mobile phones in use in the United States than there are people living in the United States! When you consider the population of the United States exceeds 300 million, it is a pretty shocking statistic to know that many mobile phones are in circulation in the United States. However, mobile phones are more than portable devices used for making calls, as the cellular devices are now commonly used for sending emails, navigating roads, interacting on social networking websites, conducting online payments, ordering products and so much more. Mobile phones are really mobile computers capable of helping consumers complete various daily tasks. Smart phone technology is also providing users the ability to locate a car from the their mobile phones all with the help of a free app called SilverCloud mobility captured.

SilverCloud Mobility Captured

When a user downloads the SilverCloud mobility captured app to their smart phone they are first presented with a screen asking for a username and pass code. Once this information is received, the user can then see where any of their vehicles are located in real-time! historical driving activity is also accessible through the online mapping program. The GPS tracking app will provide the app user with the knowledge of if a driver is speeding, not going to the locations they are supposed to be going and much more. In fact, this is the same the of technology employed by Fortune 500 businesses seeking a fleet management solution as well as police agencies conducting surveillance investigations! Please note that in order to locate a vehicle from mobile phone the user must FIRST equip a GPS tracker on the vehicle they want to monitor. Although downloading and using a GPS tracking mobile app is free, all live GPS trackers require a monthly subscription. This monthly subscription covers the cost of data usage and usually runs around $29.95 per month. Each device would require its own service plan.

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